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The publication of this article marks a change of trajectory concerning how Pyalla Technologies best keeps the NonStop community informed on its material appearing in media channels, social and traditional. Formerly, addressed in an article published in the LinkedIn blog, Pulse, it is now the opportune time to make the switch from promoting LinkedIn to promoting NonStop Insider.

Naturally enough, the articles, commentaries and posts written in January had a singular message. They were all about expectations for the coming year. Arguably, 2020 will be a watershed year for NonStop. The former NonStop i family of systems will no longer be sold in 2020 as the NonStop team announced last year at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp – The NB56000c and NB56000c-cg systems will go EOS on 31 July 2020 (earlier for EMEA) – but with the caveat that – HPE plans to offer support for these products for a minimum of five years after the published last sale dates of these products. The smaller, NS2300 / NS2400 product offerings had seen sales end October 31, 2019. No real surprises here as it was clear Itanium chips were becoming scarce even as availability of ServerNet was even more problematic.

With this, 2020 will likely prove to be a bumper year for sales of NonStop X Converged and Virtualized Converged Systems – NS2 X3, NS3 X3 and NS7 X3 – even as the focus of NonStop development will be firmly on delivering additional infrastructure and middleware software offerings. NonStop development has already signaled that major additions to the NonStop SQL product line are in the works even as the team’s focus on enhancing the participation of NonStop in DevOps as we all come to appreciate that DevOps is a game changer in terms of accelerating the availability of applications on targeted platforms. This will be an area that is acutely monitored by global IT departments as it represents the dismantling of most of their major concerns. No more questions should arise over availability of staff or over perceived costly education but rather, existing DevOps teams can now use their favorite DevOps products to build applications that target NonStop.

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