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In the last issue I referenced how often Margo and I find ourselves travelling. For a company that once prided itself on just how often it crisscrossed North America barely leaving an Interstate Highway untraveled, it has come as a surprise to know that in 2022 we only undertook three road trips; Las Vegas for HPE Discover; Mississauga for CTUG and Tampa / Ft Lauderdale for client visitations, all of which leads us to admit, flying does have its moments.

In so doing it was our goal to meet and greet as many NonStop community members as possible as signs pointed to a transition to a more normal business climate. However, it meant that we spent evenings scouring web sites and the occasional magazine for updates on the industry in general and on NonStop in particular. Safe to say, it was all rather easy for Margo and me to stay focused on our clients and on related stories as they broke.

The NonStop community is very fortunate. I know, that isn’t something you read about all that often, but whether your interest in the latest news about NonStop takes you down the path of traditional or even social media channels or perhaps you have a preference for webinars, podcasts or maybe videos on a vendor YouTube channel, there are plenty of newsworthy NonStop media avenues open to everyone in the NonStop community. As a company with the focus on content and on ensuring it is readily accessible, it comes as no surprise to Pyalla Technologies that the NonStop community continues to demonstrate a penchant for all relevant snippets of information, no matter where it may reside.

Our travels did prove valuable in the sense that storylines seemed to appear out of nowhere. Security breaches, data compromised along with a steady stream of outages based on glitches, poor and oftentimes incomplete testing and simple human error. As passengers on a variety of aircraft I have to admit that when we hear that the FAA is experiencing problems to where a ground stop is issued, it is all a bit unnerving.

The stories we came across found themselves covered in articles, posts and commentaries. Exposure came in The Connection, Connect Now and this publication, the NonStop Insider, along with posts to our NonStop Community and Social blogs – Real Time View and Buckle-Up. Of late, these stories have become intertwined in both blogs as what might first appear as an amusing tale on Buckle-Up often has business ramifications that help form a NonStop relevant post on Real Time View.

Given this, with 2023 well and truly started, it is our intent to pull back on the length of posts, in particular our social blog Buckle-Up, to where all posts will be limited to 850 – 1250 words. Shorter posts with the prospect of more frequent blogging: After all, with events proving to be as popular as they appear to be, there are many more stories to tell!

Furthermore, after discussions and a number of email exchanges with folks with whom we work in the NonStop community, we took the decision (being the new year and all), to refresh the look of both sites and to add widgets in support of translation together with more accurate information on just how many visits to the site that led to a post being read have occurred through the years. It came as a surprise to see that more than 500,000 interested readers have spent time on our NonStop Community blog, so much so that by the end of 2023 that number will likely touch 600,000.

If you like the new cleaner look, let us know. If you want to help us out, too, then become a follower by clicking on the Follow icon!

Yes, there are many places to turn to for information on NonStop and in these times, where normalcy seems to be resurfacing, it’s good to know that with just a few clicks, you can read up on topics of interest. Have you been keeping up with the posts to the HPE Community Blog, for instance? And of course there is still plenty to look at on the Tandem Computers Facebook page.

Point is, in today’s explosive media environment, there are just so many vehicles open to the NonStop Community that nothing is off limits as far as seeking answers to questions is concerned.

There is always the major events should a more personal approach be required and for 2023, there is a full calendar of events planned – these are not to be missed and as for Margo and me, we sure hope to see you at one event or the other.   

And with that final events promotion and the encouragement that comes with it, you may want to now check out our most recent posts and articles published during the period of December 2022 – January 2023 –

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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC