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Pyalla Technologies observations and commentaries following NonStop Technical Boot Camp, San Francisco, and HPE Discover, Madrid!

Pyalla Technologies



Back to back events bookending a major US holiday are never easy to accommodate and yet, the closeness between the NonStop centric event, the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), and the much broader HPE centric event, HPE Discover, Madrid, saw the spotlight firmly directed on messages the NonStop community likes to hear. Investment continues in NonStop. Customer requirements are being more fully catered to by the NonStop development team. And yes, there is better alignment between NonStop and the key messages to the industry coming from HPE executives. All of which to say is that while I can recall we ate Thanksgiving dinner at a nearby restaurant with all of our family members, I have many more memories from time on the road than I have feasting on turkey!

As for a provider of commentaries and blog posts however, there was certainly plenty of information to feed storylines and there is now a lot of information already published.

For TBC my updates were posted to the LinkedIn group, Real Time View, and were summarized in a separate post to the LinkedIn blog, Pulse:

Scroll down to where you will see all the posts associated with TBC referenced with links starting with Day one at Boot Camp

For HPE Discover my updates were again posted to the LinkedIn group, Real Time View, and were summarized in a post to the LinkedIn blog, Pulse:

From the perspective of Pyalla Technologies, what Margo and I have been observing is that the market for NonStop systems not only exists and is being nurtured by HPE as it supports some of the biggest enterprises in the world but that NonStop is evolving much faster than we could ever predicted just a short time ago. As you read other submissions to this issue of NonStop Insider you will see this sentiment shared by others and it is for a reason. Nothing feeds success better than success and as we hear of new logos being added to the NonStop community and by this HPE means new users and new applications, then the figure of some twenty plus is certainly an encouraging number.

Bringing NonStop to the party when it comes to supporting blockchain was a surprise and yet, as you look at the target markets for blockchain then in many instances, they are already being served by NonStop. If blockchain is going to be as disruptive to the industry as was the internet then when it comes to NonStop, blockchain will spur growth in NonStop the same way the introduction of ATMs did – and for the very same reason. Like with ATMs, no enterprise wants to see its copy of the distributed ledger technology go down for any reason.

Turning NonStop into a software offering and then, calling it as well just another virtualized workload while truthful, is shaking up a lot of traditional NonStop supporters and advocates. And yet it is absolutely the right direction to take NonStop in today’s hybrid IT world where so much consideration is being given to clouds – public and private. Moving from ServerNet to InfiniBand to RoCE again was the right direction to take and I am sure there will be more than a couple of solutions vendors jumping on the “NonStop in the clouds” opportunity. OmniPayments we all know is well ahead of the curve in this respect, but I believe others will join shortly even if only to make sure OmniPayments doesn’t corner the whole payments solution marketplace.

It certainly is beginning to look like it’s a good time to be a part of the NonStop community. It may not be grabbing the entire spotlight on center stage but the gloom of evening that many of us saw engulfing NonStop has definitely subsided. NonStop shines and for that, the managers and executives closely associated with NonStop have to be thanked and now, I cannot wait to hear what is next for HPE and NonStop and for that reason alone I am already beginning to make plans to attend HPE Discover, 2018 in Las Vegas! Hope to see you all there and maybe, just maybe, there will be enough of us to revisit plans for a NonStop party as we used to do in times past. For sure – let’s make our presence known whenever there are future gatherings of HPE folks as I am sure, they too are beginning to see the picture!

And I have to admit, it’s very bright …

Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC