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Pyalla Technologies …on the road again but this time, it’s a lengthy journey we have commenced!




By the time you read this issue of NonStop Insider, we will be well on our way to Australia. Faced with the prospect of travelling to Sydney a couple of times this fall, we have elected to make it just one trip. We will be staying in the Sydney area mostly and will have an office to work from so there will be no disruption to the posts and commentaries coming from Pyalla. While we need to also pay a visit to Auckland we will be catching a boat to Auckland and then picking it up for the return trip – turns out that this is the height of the Australian and New Zealand cruise season. Surprise, surprise!

Our primary reason for the trip beginning mid-October is that in the last week of the month SIBOS Sydney 2018 will be held and Margo and I have been invited to some activities while I will be a part of a four person editorial team covering the event. If you are into payments, card networks and know about SWIFT, then you will know about SIBOS and I expect to be catching up with a number of my clients who are planning on attending.

I anticipate seeing a HPE presence, but in yet one more surprising turn, my first interview with C-level executives isn’t going to be with HPE but with Red Hat. Should be interesting as “Red Hat’s role with the TESOBE Open Banking project and why open source technology is advancing banks service offerings” is the topic of Red Hat’s interview! If you would like to read more about SIBOS Sydney 2018, then follow this link to my September 22, 2018, post to the NonStop community blog – Heading “Down Under” one more time; SIBOS Sydney 2018 beckons to FIs worldwide!

As for the rest of our stay in Sydney there are a number of clients and prospective clients meetings we are looking forward to just as we will be catching up with journalists and industry analysts. There’s also the potential to catch up with some NonStop users, but this is still very much a work in progress and will be more aggressively pursued once we have set up the office. When we look back through the years, from my perspective my introduction to Tandem Computers took place in the US on IBM’s home turf in Raleigh, North Carolina, but my education about Tandem took place in Sydney and for that I have to thank folks like Peter Lloyd, David Cliff and Steve Bailey.

September was a month where once again, we spent time at a Regional User Group (RUG) meeting. This time, it was at DUST in Scottsdale where once again, Kathy Wood made sure there was a good agenda and that there plenty of members from the NonStop community present, including more HPE NonStop team members than I have seen in a while, including some new faces. Good to see! It was great to catch up with Pat Boland for instance just as it was a pleasure to see Justin Simonds as well – these folks remain the soul of NonStop and just having the team support RUG events to the extent that they do is very encouraging to see. Nothing comes easily or cheaply and there are always demands of our time so whenever you do see HPE NonStop team members present at RUG events, thank them profusely as they continue to contribute to our education about today’s modern NonStop.

Unfortunately, not only does participation in events come at a cost in terms of time and money but distance as well. In electing to spend the fall in the Antipodes, Margo and I will miss out on attending the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC). This is always the highlight of the year for the NonStop community so I am hoping to hear from many of you as I am sure NonStop will be surprising us all, yet again. The TBC isn’t the only event I will miss as unfortunately, we will be all at sea when HPE Discover returns to Madrid, Spain. If you are really serious about the time and money you invest in NonStop and distance isn’t an issue, HPE Discover events are the premier place to see the complete picture on all that HPE is doing. When there, make sure your introduce yourselves to Kirk Bresniker, Hewlett Packard Labs Chief Architect / HPE Fellow / VP – there’s nothing he doesn’t know about the future product directions of the complete HPE product portfolio!

For all of those travelling this month, safe travels, and we look forward to seeing as many of you in Sydney as we can! #NonStopRocks

Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC