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Pyalla Technologies pleased to see the NonStop community having access to even more content on NonStop!

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What do you think of the content being provided in NonStop Insider? What have you liked best – have you liked the opinion articles, the product updates or the news coming from RUG leaders? And what about the most recent addition, NonStop CEOs have their say? We have only just begun and there will be a couple of additions coming shortly that I am sure will attract even more subscribers. One addition that I would like to see is a brief column, “Letters to the Editor” but I will have more to say about it in the near future once I manage to convince my colleagues who are working hard to bring you this newsletter each month.

For this past month, there has been a lot of attention given to anniversaries. From Pyalla Technologies, LLC., perspective there have been quite a few – ten years of posting to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View (August 20th), nine years to our social blog, Buckle-Up-Travel, and shortly, in only a few weeks’ time we will be celebrating the launch of Pyalla Technologies itself. Our eight year of being in business will be celebrated at the end of September and then thankfully, it will be a case of focusing on work we will be doing for clients in our ninth year. The only down side we can see is that well, another decade has passed by and of course, we are all a lot older and hopefully a little wiser. There is a reason why so many of us don’t share our birthday’s year on Facebook or Twitter …

Which brings us back to this publication, NonStop Insider, which will be celebrating one full year of publication this month with Year 1, Issue #12. Without dwelling any further on the downside that comes with the passage of yet one more year, the goal of NonStop Insider has always been to create a communications vehicle all of us would be happy to forward to friends and colleagues anywhere in the world. We wanted to focus on the story telling and not so much on lists featuring products, upcoming meetings or even our travel plans as this information is readily available on other forums. By storytelling, it’s been the creation of new and fresh content that without NonStop Insider may never have seen the light of day. Should you go back through the issues you will find articles from companies you rarely hear about even as some of the information provided can only be found here – who has been keeping track of the intersection between transaction processing and real time analytics, for instance? And who else has been covering the topic virtualized NonStop as frequently and as broadly as NonStop Insider?

Pyalla Technologies oftentimes simply reflects the curiosity of its founders – Margo and me. Whether it’s standards or open systems or, as has so often been the case of late, hybrid IT and clouds, our curiosity has led to us asking a lot of questions. The one that almost everyone wants to know the answer to happens to be about the take-up of virtualized NonStop or vNS. It’s still very much an open issue with the jury very much out when it comes to timeframe and numbers. On the other hand, we know with a certainty that NonStop development doesn’t want to rush anything here or see excited customers jump the gun. As we heard earlier this year, if you don’t already have clouds configured and you have no prior experience with virtual machines, then you just may not qualify for early copies of vNS. Reflecting the inability of NonStop development to teach current NonStop customers either how to configure virtual machines or provision cloud resources which will probably fuel the move to vNS, only the experienced data center team will likely qualify for vNS at first.

And this is a completely new approach for HPE – setting limits on expectations about the availability of a new product offering. But on reflection too it does make a whole lot of sense. This is NonStop we are discussing after all and its reputation is tied very much to availability. Should the customer’s lack of experience lead to messing up the availability aspect of NonStop then the whole reason to deploy NonStop in the first place becomes a moot point. NonStop systems that stop because of poor configuration (of virtual machines) are of little value to any enterprise and should word spread of any less-than-stellar NonStop configurations, then further acceptance of NonStop will slow to a crawl. And this wouldn’t be something any of us would like to see. Fortunately, I am anticipating the complete opposite, particularly with the availability of the consulting resources well prepared to assist!  I am aware of the steps being taken by TCM to prepare to assist customers with the move to vNonStop and I am sure others are preparing for it as well. After a brief controlled introduction, I see many enterprises opting to configure a virtual machine to run an important program or provide access to a database that is truly fault tolerant. To see that occurring will be exciting for all of us who have followed and depended upon NonStop for decades.

It is good to see NonStop Insider making it through its first year. It’s good to see too that there are plans for even more to be provided in the coming year. NonStop systems are evolving quickly – a lot more quickly than any of us can recall seeing in the past – and with that, it will be important not to miss any news on NonStop. And with that, I trust you keep reading NonStop Insider and yes, drop us an email and write a comment anywhere on LinkedIn and just let us know how well you are liking this latest entry into the world of digital media publications.
Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC