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Real-Time Visibility into HPE NonStop Data with Striim




First we had the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) that proved to be a big drawcard for the NonStop community. Just a short time later, we had the even bigger HPE Discover 2018, Madrid, event that showcased the complete HPE product portfolio. Together, these events have given us a much clearer picture of where HPE is headed and the value it is providing for all of its customers. Following the split between HPE and HPQ only a short time ago, the significantly smaller company that became HPE has tightened its focus and while it is concentrating its efforts around the Edge and the Cloud, increasingly it’s becoming a company focused on Data.

The number of times now that HPE referenced the data-driven enterprise, data protection, in addition to memory-centric computing which is all about providing better access to data has increased. As articulated at HPE Discover, Madrid, HPE’s vision is all about becoming “Edge-Centric, Cloud Enabled and Data Driven.”  For Striim, this recognition of the importance of data is good news. Data is the third component of the HPE’s vision and as such, will underpin much of HPE’s strategy over the next couple of years. The importance of data isn’t lost on any enterprise users as they are already facing a crisis in processing and storing and most enterprises have deployed architecture with little room to scale up to handle the trillions of bytes of data headed their way,

“Each industry and each company is unique in how they run their operations, but the need for timely and accurate insight is universal,” as Striim notes on its web site. “Striim helps businesses across different industries make timely and smart decisions using a modern streaming data architecture.” As simple as this may sound, it’s important for the NonStop community to understand. Smart decisions don’t come about by accident, but rather from the insights provided by the data being accumulated. Given the real time mission critical applications NonStop supports, for Striim it’s important that NonStop users understand that, “access to timely data regardless of where it resides is a must-have to run your business operations smoothly.”

Today, Striim is not just a smart pipeline that can pull data from NonStop and move it to data lakes and warehouses, all in real time, but comes complete with new ways to visualize the data. In the post of November 13, 2018, Real-Time Data Visualization and Data Exploration to the Striim blog, Striim Product Marketing head, Irem Radzik explains how Striim is supporting visualization of data important for the enterprise:

“By combining real-time data integration, streaming analytics, and rich data visualization in a single, enterprise-grade platform, Striim allows businesses to respond to business trends and emerging issues proactively and with full context.

“With Striim, users not only have up-to-the-second visibility into all corners of the business with advanced custom metrics, but also the flexibility to explore streaming data without needing to write code.

“By ingesting, filtering, aggregating, transforming, enriching, and analyzing real-time data from virtually any source, it enables custom metrics using all relevant data and the ability to dice and slice the metrics across a wide range of dimensions for fast insight.”

NonStop remains a very important source of data for Striim even as Striim is well-versed in the NonStop architecture having worked with NonStop users for decades. The company’s leadership includes executives with considerable knowledge of NonStop and seeing HPE articulate its vision where data plays an important role is clear to everyone in the NonStop community. After all, which system is the first to see end-user information arriving directly from the end user, in real time? It’s NonStop for many of the most critical of all mission critical applications – the applications supporting mobile phones, credit and debit cards, manufacturers’ robots, and much more.

Make sure you check out the post by Irem Radzik and when you visit the Striim blog, take a look at the other posts as well as there is further news about Striim support for Microsoft and AWS cloud offerings.

Katherine Rincon | Senior Vice President, Marketing
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