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Redefining ATM Management

Lusis Payments ATM Software Powered by Tango

Lusis Payments


In the dynamic realm of banking technology, staying ahead means embracing innovation and adaptability. Lusis Payments leads this charge with its cutting-edge ATM software solution, powered by TANGO, poised to transform the way financial institutions operate their ATM networks. With TANGO as the backbone of our solution, coupled with robust architecture and an array of advanced features, Lusis Payments ATM Software sets a new standard for efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction in the industry.

Seamless Integration for Diverse Environments: At the core of Lusis Payments ATM Software lies TANGO, our versatile and reliable platform meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with various vendors’ hardware extensions. Whether incorporating state-of-the-art devices like NCR CSM for intelligent deposits or Wincor cash-in modules for cash recycling, TANGO ensures smooth compatibility and enhanced functionality across all ATM environments.

Flexibility in Transaction Handling: Empowering financial institutions with unparalleled flexibility, our software, driven by TANGO, supports a wide spectrum of transaction types. From chip-initiated EMV transactions to magnetic strip-initiated transactions, including advanced reversal management for deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and bill payments, Lusis Payments ATM Software adapts to diverse banking needs with ease.

Advanced Transaction Processing: TANGO enables advanced transaction processing capabilities, going beyond basic functionality. With customizable bill-mix algorithms, resource availability management, and dynamic templates for receipts and screen layouts, financial institutions can deliver a personalized and seamless banking experience to their customers, powered by Lusis Payments ATM Software.

Insightful Monitoring and Tracking: Lusis Payments ATM Software, driven by TANGO, provides comprehensive monitoring and tracking capabilities for each terminal, empowering banks with valuable insights to optimize operations. From tracking currency-specific deposits to monitoring withdrawal trends, TANGO offers actionable data to enhance ATM performance and operational efficiency.

Distinctive Competitive Advantages: Setting us apart from competitors are the unique features tailored to exceed industry standards, all powered by TANGO. Our user-friendly WebTango UI, leveraging the latest HTML5 technology, offers intuitive management and operational support. Additionally, our software’s architecture supports protocol customization, enabling seamless integration with legacy systems and regional protocols. With a proven track record of converting thousands of ATMs to our Tango solution, Lusis Payments brings unparalleled expertise and reliability to every partnership. Moreover, our cash recycling feature optimizes cash management, reducing operational costs and enhancing efficiency, further solidifying Lusis Payments ATM Software as the premier choice for ATM management solutions.

Lusis Payments ATM Software, powered by TANGO, is not just a solution—it’s a catalyst for transformation in ATM management. With TANGO as the backbone, coupled with our commitment to innovation, adaptability, and customer-centric design, we empower financial institutions to navigate the evolving digital landscape with confidence. To learn more about how Lusis Payments ATM Software can revolutionize your banking operations, CONTACT US

315 Montgomery Street #900
San Francisco CA 94104
(+1) 415 829 4577