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Reimagining NonStop? This is not your father’s HPE NonStop system!




SK June 21 - 1

Steve Kubick returns to the front of the camera to provide us with yet one more video clip featuring his observations and wishes for the HPE NonStop system. Not surprisingly for anyone who has been keeping up with the video library he is building, Steve muses on what NonStop systems might look like given creativity on the part of a NonStop user. And by creativity, Steve is admonishing the NonStop community to come forward with innovative ways of deploying NonStop given the complete move to industry standard components, chassis and interfaces.

What you will not miss hearing from Steve this time is his references to imagination. Many times have we seen vendors take advantage of the tantalizing possibilities as they incorporate imagination into their slogans and tag lines. BP once put up billboards telling us to “Imagine more snacks than you can imagine.” Of course, few will ever forget the time that they first heard John Lennon singing “Imagine.”

SK June 21 - 2

However, where Steve lets his imagination take him is to the potential future packaging of NonStop. To sum up his ideas, think about a cube and potentially inserting these NonStop cubes back-to-back and even back-to-back and stacked! After having discussions with developers and holding back on going down too many rabbit holes, Steve then asks viewers to imagine a cube with 80 cores running at 3.1 GHz with as much memory as you care to throw at these processors.

Imagine too if you could have an additional 24 GPUs to run data-heavy applications including AI? Musing further along these lines, Steve asks how best we would value such a cube(s) running at 99.99999% availability. Throw into this mix the opportunity to run Linux on the 50 plus cores remaining and then imagine too the possibility of NonStop supporting a fault tolerant mount point for all that is installed within the cube?

The way Steve sees things as we near halfway in calendar year 2021, “My really smart guys have done a phenomenal job over the decades keeping the NonStop modern. They have developed technologies that have never made it out of the lab. My goal is to shine some light on that goodness so that NonStop can have the market presence it once had.”

Fantasy? This topic has been covered in other posts, by HPE NonStop’s Justin Simonds as well as Franz Koenig pursuing similar ideas over the past 18 months. However, Steve’s musings highlight the real opportunities that await NonStop users who see real business value in exploring this cube. And if you think you have an idea or two to share with Steve, he is offering a small reward to those who are the most creative – a bag of his special coffee (with the option for tea), if you come up with the application that could most benefit from this cube idea.

To view the complete video and to hear more from Steve on the topic of cloud service providers possible responses, simply follow this link–

And if you have as yet not connected with Steve on LinkedIn and would like to, then just follow this link –