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Remote Testing: Optimize Your Payments and ATM Testing Environment

By Cathy Gardner, Vice President, Professional Services and Support



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In the promotion of its Worldwide and U.S. Discrete Testing Services Forecast, 2019 – 2023 IDC makes it very clear that demand (and growth) of testing services will continue its marked upward trend. As IDC notes in the introduction:

“Application portfolio growth and modernization combined with larger digital transformation mandates within organizations continue to buoy testing services demand and growth,” explains Pete Marston, research director of Application Development, Testing, and Management Services.

This recognition that digital transformation mandates would play an important role in ensuring that testing tools, utilities and services will continue growing came before the full effect of the global pandemic took hold with its lockdowns, self-distancing and working remotely. In combination, these factors are further accelerating the growth even as IDC acknowledged that these:

“Transformation initiatives and elevated technical complexities resulting from implementing new applications into the portfolio will continue to lead organizations to seek out third parties for expertise, tools, guidance, and execution across a variety of testing services.”

In her September 15, 2020, post Remote Testing: Optimize Your Payments and ATM Testing Environment to the Paragon Edge blog, Cathy Gardner, Paragon Vice President, Professional Services and Support took a look at what now passes as normal even as she asks, “What’s your ‘usual’ now?”

COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and travel restrictions have challenged financial services companies from across the payments industry to revise their business-as-usual processes to deal with the large numbers of remote workers who are effectively isolated from company offices and each other. As businesses shift operations to support large numbers of staff working outside corporate facilities many questions must be answered:

Testing has not historically been considered a critical business function in most disaster recovery scenarios, but we have never seen anything like the COVID catastrophe before. Now, with the overall impact of the pandemic and the uncertain prospects for a return to normalcy, testing has become a critical requirement for maintaining productive business operations and sustaining or improving customer satisfaction.

The conclusion reached by Gardner actively promotes the use of tools like Paragon’s Web FASTest and VirtualATM, whereby businesses can effectively provide a robust and accessible payments testing environment, allowing remote teams to connect and collaborate in order to meet testing deadlines, complete projects on time and ensure the timely delivery of new products and services.

To read the complete post by Gardner and to learn more about Remote Testing, just follow the hyperlink included (above) or simply cut and past the following URL into your browser –

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