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September ’18 ITUGLIB Update

The ITUGLIB Technical Committee


We’ve been busy doing some cleanup and modernization on the ITUGLIB web site, and because of that the URL has changed to a shorter one:

Note that simply going to will also take you to the new site.

You’ll find better paging and search options, some minor cleanups, as well as allowing us more flexibility to update you with outages along with other features.

ituglib sep 18 - 1

The Paging and Searching features

The paging information at the top and bottom of the tables allows you to pick a page number directly, go back or forward a page, or to the beginning or end. Also, you can change the size of the page by choosing the drop down on the right.

The ‘filtering’ feature is available for certain columns.  Most are freeform text, which will restrict the result to packages containing that text.  The list will update as you type (after a short delay).  Some on the Guardian packages page will allow you to pick from a list.  Simply click the field and a drop down will be shown.

ituglib sep 18 - 2

Guardian package search capabilities

On the Open Source page, the package list now contains one row for each package. To see all the versions of a package, you can click on the small ‘Right Arrow’ button in the left column. This allows you to more easily search for a package by name. You can close the detail by clicking the ‘down’ arrow button in the same left column.

ituglib sep 18 - 3

Expanding an Open Source package’s contents

We also moved to a much newer Java development environment, and are running on much newer infrastructure under the covers (in fact there’s very little of the code remaining from the old site!).

Please take a second to save this URL, and go poke around.  Feel free to send us feedback if you get a chance!

Also, we need to help give feedback to our generous sponsors, especially to OmniPayments and HPE.  It’s time for us to upgrade our NonStop hardware (which just passed 9 years old), and it would be helpful to have user feedback that you couldn’t do without the library!  Let us know how you use the packages we provide for you!


The ITUGLIB Technical Committee

Randall Becker, Mike Kilpatrick, Jojo Schmitz and Bill Honaker