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… no, not this esteemed NonStop Insider newsletter but Insider Technologies Limited (the other esteemed ‘Insider’), who had representatives at the BITUG Little Sig, 2018 @ Lloyds, Tuesday, 4th December.

You may have noticed a representative whose hand was raised to the question during the NSU40 presentation: “Who here is under 40?”

Although I was lying through my teeth, let me explain a few home truths. We all attended the presentations, including “IBM MQ8 – Roadmap and Updates”. At Insider, we supply “MQGate” to help customers parse the original IBM EMS events into fully tokenised events. This improved event structure incorporates SSID, unique event number and subject tokens, alongside the original MQ event text. This improved structure helps our customers to focus on exception alerting.

The skill set for creating this parsing technology lies at the heart of our NonStop development teams, one member of whom is the Product Manager for Reflex. Reflex is Insider’s NonStop systems management solution utilised at leading UK and central banks and healthcare organisations.  Incorporated within Reflex is a ‘Gateway’ module to parse poorly structured events into tokenised events. Due to their improved structure, they can be monitored and escalated as required, e.g. to email, SMS, enterprise solutions and of course, to the Reflex Command & Control component, “Status Monitor”.

Reflex Gateway takes the original events, such as that from gross settlement, applications, and payments systems to generate new, unique events. These events are then managed for appropriate escalation, e.g. informing the Business community if there are any delays in payments processing.

insider tec dec 18 - 1

Reflex monitors applications, systems, subsystems, events, TCP/IP and an enhancement is on its way to cater for the lack of SPI calls to SSH2. Incorporated within Reflex monitoring, is that of Insider’s mainframe class, batch scheduler product: MultiBatch.

The latest release of MultiBatch includes enhancements such as CRONTAB scheduling:

insider tec dec 18 - 2

Other enhancements include job runtime history and MultiBatch DR, where a crashed batch schedule can be recovered via just two simple commands. So, in the event of a site-swap, there will be no lengthy manual checks wondering where the batch was up to. This peace of mind will certainly help you to check the status of the application during DR and in the process, improve your SLA response times.

The MultiBatch Recovery process informs you of the jobs that have completed, that have failed, e.g. due to a system crash, and left to run. The Audited Recovery file enables it to be replicated, so that in the event of a site-swap, you are immediately informed as to where the batch schedule was up to. No other NonStop batch scheduler provides this level of recovery.

MultiBatch is used by all of our customers, including leading UK and central banks to help run gross settlement engines, online dealing, share registrations, Atlas payments systems and of course, help meet or exceed site-swap SLAs.

Other payments systems such as that for BASE24 ATM, POS and NCR Authentic are monitored and managed by our Sentra enterprise-monitoring platform. One of its unique characteristics is the ability for a user to drill into every individual payment token, including bespoke, to perform real-time queries on transactions. Especially useful in a customer support area, where a question can be answered immediately, e.g. “I got a transaction rejected at a retailer, can you confirm that it hasn’t been processed”.

Leading providers of payment and technology solutions, utilise RTLX (Real-Time Log Extract) to monitor POS transactions, across merchants, issuers, financial institutions, card institutions, acquirers, informing them if there are any issues anywhere on the network. Real-time trending, alerting and querying is the perfect solution for their requirements.

insider tec dec 18 - 3

Not only does Sentra provide payments monitoring, management and querying, it provides X.400 e-mail tracking to the UK Government, UK Army and the German Army.

BITUG mentioned the latest NonStop/X RVU, L18.08. Insider would like to announce that MultiBatch has been accredited to L18.02 and pending the delivery of a new NonStop X NS3 and hopefully, L18.08, Insider can find no issues with the L18.08 RVU that will concern our MultiBatch customers.

So…now you know Insider.


Dave Shields (the one with his hand up)

+44 (0) 161 876 6606