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Social Media Round-Up

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It proved hard to ignore this past month – a photo of Jimmy with Margo Holen that appeared in the LinkedIn post Here we are in Dallas enjoying a reunion with Jimmy T, founder of Tandem Computersis rapidly approaching 4,500 views and is well ahead of any previous post to LinkedIn that I have made. It was promoting a new post to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View of June 11, 2018, featuring N2TUG: What was said in Texas – N2TUG delivers excitement once again!


It was all happening in Texas as another photo of Jimmy, this time part of the post to LinkedIn Met with Jimmy Treybig at N2TUG! got more than 1250 views. It doesn’t come as a surprise to the NonStop community that links to the past still strike a positive note with all stakeholders who recall the early years of Tandem Computers. Just as importantly, it shouldn’t be a surprise either that these stakeholders are only too happy to add comments and if you look at those made to this second post, you will see there have been old photos included with these comments of times spent at Tandem .

However, N2TUG and other RUG meetings that followed elsewhere across the planet – some of which are covered in separate articles to this issue of NonStop Insider – weren’t the only events generating social media buzz. HPE Discover 2018 Las Vegas only came to an end a couple of weeks ago and once again, it attracted a large crowd, numbering many thousands. While this event is not aimed at the NonStop community, for all those interested in the business and technology side of HPE it remains a serious drawcard and as in past years, HPE executives and senior managers made themselves available to anyone who wanted to have a chat.

As for that social media buzz, much of it happened on twitter so look for the handle @HPE_Discover where you will find comprehensive coverage of all the topics covered at the event. If you want to read what the independent bloggers HPE hosted had to say about the event then check out #HPEbloggers. Events like HPE Discover are always well covered in the press and as anyone who tracks financial analysis sites knows now, HPE is stepping up its investments in R&D as it brings new technology and products to market for the core / clouds as well as the edge.

One of the more intriguing conversations taking place right now that should be of interest to the NonStop community is happening on the LinkedIn group, Continuous Availability Forum for Fault Tolerance vs Failure ToleranceBill Highleyman, former ITUG Chairman and longtime consultant focused on availability, asked the question:

“Fault tolerance is defined as ‘hardware that is built with redundant components to ensure that processing survives the failure of an individual component.’ Failure tolerance is defined as ‘an application that can continue even when failures such as a node or a site outage occur.’ Failure tolerance requires failover to a backup, but fault tolerance does not. Clearly, failure tolerance requires an additional parameter; and that is failover time.”

While not everyone favored the exchange and looked to keep things simple the very fact that Bill was able to generate a lively discussion speaks volumes about the passion of the NonStop community. As for my take on this I am still of the opinion that it is all about the application – if I cannot access the application or the response time gets so slow that it’s not usable, then from my perspective we have an outage! What do you think? For more, check the link:

Shortly the vendor community will be heading to Palo Alto for a partner update provided by the NonStop team. While nondisclosure agreements were signed, I am sure there will be some material that will make its way into social media so stay tuned to hear more. And of course, keep posting, discussing and tweeting as the NonStop community is truly alive and prospering.