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Social Media Round-Up

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There were a couple of LinkedIn exchanges worth pointing out. The first started as an observation made on the LinkedIn home page while the other was simply a product / utility question posted to the LinkedIn group, Tandem User Group. I am including them both here in this month’s round-up as it is a call for even more engagement by the NonStop community in that there are stories that need our response even as there are inquiries that benefit from our guidance.

Conversation started on LinkedIn home page by Craig Lawrance. The heading was simply “How many more times will UK consumers have to tolerate shoddy Payments Infrastructure?

Of course I jumped in, but was followed quickly by a LinkedIn member responding, which in turn I then responded to. Point is, with the widespread (and oftentimes casual acceptance) of x86 servers running Lynux as being good enough to run mission critical applications, they are not meeting even the most basic of user requirements:

Richard BuckleCofounder and CEO, Pyalla Technologies, LLC

In the rush to open platforms and solutions featuring commodity hardware and good-enough is well, good enough, it’s clear we have no interest in discipline or best practices. A cluster doesn’t a fault tolerant system make – and we are seeing some of the consequences of short-sightedness together with a lack of experience. And it will only get worse … on the other hand, there are commodity hardware platforms running industry standard software competitively priced today. Think HPE NonStop where fortunately, the most important payments networks, gateways and switches run!

Robin ArnfieldBanking/payments industry writer

When you get charged twice on a card by a merchant, there should be a very fast dispute mechanism so you get refunded ASAP. It is bad enough when it happens to just one person, but when it happens to a large number of people, it must be dreadfull.  Some years ago I paid for a purchase at a post office with a debit card (they would not accept credit cards). The POS terminal somehow charged me twice, and I had to make multiple calls to the post office and my bank before the funds were reinstated in my account.

Richard BuckleCofounder and CEO, Pyalla Technologies, LLC

How do we classify an outage – should we consider messed up transactions unsatisfactory for the end user, as a category of outage / downtime? In other words, isn’t an inaccurate transaction just as bad as no transaction at all?

Question raised on Tandem User Group was simple enough as well, “Hi everyone I need your help can someone tell me a reference about GUI in Nonstop?

The ten comments / advice that followed illustrates just how keen the NonStop community is to step in and help out and when it comes to places to go for information when you are entirely new to the NonStop community, well LinkedIn is proving to be a good launching platform. Yes, with knowledge and familiarity, there will be other sites worth visiting with questions like this but it’s good to see that the NonStop community is paying some attention to what is being asked even when posted on LinkedIn groups. Now about that topic, GUIs – some of us still bemused to see questions arising on this topic after so many years …

As for my favorite response, it came from Matt Riesz –

Uriel, there are many tools available to help access Enscribe data on the NonStop from external systems using browser access or other methods. In all cases you will end up with a client / server architecture, using a server process on the NonStop (likely a Pathway serverclass) and a client component on the external system. You will need to select one based on your desired architecture. One of the easiest tools to use is SOAPAM Server, which lets you expose NonStop Pathway servers as SOAP services. Check out this link

Twitter alerted me to a CRN interview with HPE CEO Antonio Neri – one of my colleagues steered me to the actual article in CRN. Under the heading, CRN Exclusive: HPE CEO Neri On Why Dell EMC’s New Composable Infrastructure Is Not ‘Truly Composable’, Neri made the following observation –

social media sep 18 -1

But also, Neri challenged the partner community as well (in the same article) saying –

social media sep 18 -2

Finally, if you are a Facebook user, then you should join Tandem Computers and this month, perhaps the best post was a real blast from the past. It came from Baron Sarto and he shared the link to a First Friday video and if you can’t recall the Tandem First Friday Watsonville Artichoke then you may want to check out this link to the original Tandem video on YouTube –