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In case you missed all the celebrations as covered in multiple tweets, HPE celebrated the opening of its “New Digs” … yes the new HQ building is in San Jose and very soon I am sure we will all know the way (to HPE)!

smr may 19 -1

It may not mean such a big a deal for many of us in the NonStop community, but this was one of the most anticipated outcomes following the split of the former HP into HP Inc. and HP Enterprise and yes, this is the home of our HPE NonStop team and HPE CEO Antonio Neri was on hand to cut the ribbon! “I want to enable our team to achieve their dreams,” said Neri and this tweet was retweeted many times.

smr may 19 -2

On this day and as support for the “culture to be left behind,” Neri also announced greater benefits to employees who are starting families – something many in the company truly appreciated as was noted in many retweets as well.  “New parents six months of paid leave following the birth or adoption of a child,” said HPE CEO Antonio Neri. “Innovation is our top priority at HPE, and that is made possible by the culture we build,” “We will retain and attract the best talent because of who we are, how we work, and how we treat our people, which in turn will help our customers and partners thrive.”

Included in the overall updated benefits package were –

Not bad – well at least by American standards and I am sure to become better educated about how the rest of the world operates when I show up for ETBC, hosted by BITUG.

As for the building, as you will hear, it will help “HPE get its swagger back!” And that has to be a good thing:

With a culture to understand (our customer) needs and to support them! A Grateful Dead conference room? Surely not!

smr may 19 -3

In talking to members of the NonStop team it’s clear that they are excited to be moving to a new home. At a time when so many businesses are electing to support telecommuting on a grand scale there is no question whatsoever that in the fiery kiln that is Silicon Valley, when it comes to stimulating innovation there is no substitute for coming together, discussing ideas, drawing up schematics on whiteboards, the glass windows and yes, cocktail napkins and beer coasters. Whatever the future holds for the NonStop team they are definitely off to a good start and we wish them all the best in their new digs!

There were many more tweets on the opening of HPE’s New Digs (along with the celebration of the New Digs Day), so make sure you follow @AntonioNeri_HPE and yes, #newhpehq. As for the lobby below, note the declaration:

“We see a world where all your data flows between all your edges and all your clouds.”

smr may 19 -4

Yes, it’s a data world, after all!
Thank you.