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smru dec 2020 - 1

While it is true that the happenings surrounding this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp filled many of the social media channels, it wasn’t the only thing happening for HPE. And, for that matter, the HPE High Performance Computing and Mission Critical Systems (HPC / MCS) organization was having an impact on channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. It may have surprised some attendees at TBC to hear of how the boss of HPC / MCS, Peter Ungaro, happens to be responsible for HP Labs as well and what happens in the labs under Ungaro’s watch has an impact on the rest of the product portfolio he manages.

Take for instance the tweet on Friday, November 20, promoting a posting to the HPE blog, AIOps for High-Performance Computing Data Centers and Beyond. According to the blogger, Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, HP Labs, the labs have “made great progress over the past year to advance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for IT operations and automation, also known as AIOps.” Paolo Faraboschi, HPE Fellow and Vice President, Hewlett Packard Labs, was quoted in the post as having said, “We can take the learnings — and more specifically the models that we train on high-performance computing (HPC) systems — into enterprise data centers, to help anomaly detection for our customers.”

It would seem that HP Labs, working with HPC / MCS see opportunities to leverage this body of work further and it would not be entirely unexpected to see it having an impact on GreenLake, for instance. Recall this year’s HPE Discover event, also held as a virtual event, where HPE CEO Antonio Neri introduced the new software branding, Ezmeral? During the announcement reference was made to AI and ML related to operations and automation. As described in an update to CRN, reporter Steven Burke wrote:

“While most enterprises are investing in AI and machine learning, only 6 percent have a mature process to operationalize their ML models. With our HPE Ezmeral ML Ops software solution, data science teams can instantly spin up and scale containerized environments for their ML pipelines with secure access to the data they need so they can deliver insights in minutes, not months. With the new HPE GreenLake ML Ops Cloud Services, you can bring DevOps agility to the end-to-end machine-learning life cycle to accelerate time to value for AI projects from pilot to production.”

While it is far too soon to visualize any likely outcome of this to directly affect NonStop, it would be unwise to rule out some aspects of the work being done by HP Labs on Ungaro’s watch touching down on some aspects of what might be possible with NonStop’s greater participation in GreenLake, for instance, even if it’s little more than assisting with the optimization of future configurations of NonStop running within virtual machines. With more than 55,000 followers, what comes out of HP Labs will influence the thinking of many who turn to Twitter for updates and among these many followers there are bound to be members of the NonStop partner community who may take the findings to heart. On reflection, perhaps the presentation given by Jeff Kyle, VP & GM, Mission Critical Solutions, sums it up best when the title of the presentation was simply, “The possibilities of HPE NonStop.”

smru dec 2020 - 2

As provided by HPE Master technologist, Justin Simonds
in his presentation at 2020 NonStop TBC:
Artificial Intelligent Driven Enterprise (AIDE)

The connection that is now being made between transactions and data is central to what HPE has been conveying to all audiences of late. As he began his keynote address to the NonStop community at this year’s TBC, Ungaro told attendees of how he “Couldn’t be more excited to be leading this (HPC/MCS) business and having NonStop a part of that.” Furthermore, and perhaps his most important of all takeaway messages for the NonStop community, “For NonStop customers, driven by more and more transactions which gives us more information to analyze and get insights from.” The connection between transactions and data and in turn between data and the information it provides, is central to future roles of NonStop whether deployed on-prem, co-lo, in private clouds or even out at the edge.

If you missed any of the presentations given at this year’s NonStop TBC, “They will stay up for at least a year.” According to the Connect event marketing manager Kelly Luna, “These presentations are open for all to view and are searchable on Google. You can find them on > Sessions and Speakers > On-Demand Library. The link from the menu points to – worth checking out if you missed something you now realize might be important to hear!” So if there is something you would just like to see again you can also follow this link to the site: Visit the On-Demand Library now.

When it comes to LinkedIn, there was a lot of activity involving the NonStop partners. Posts from IR, ACI, OmniPayments, FSS, DATA443/DataExpress, Striim and NTI being among the partners posting updates this month. The payments solutions space remains fertile ground for all who look to markets where NonStop has a significant presence and the focus on security, monitoring and manageability and, not forgetting data, cannot be ignored. There is no substitute for being able to access fresh data and the freshest data is that found closest to where the transactions are processed; the freshest data as we all know is created on NonStop! Social media channels continue to attract updates from these and other vendors and there is always something new on offer that warrants us returning to our favorite channels on a regular basis.