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Social Media Round-Up

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SMRU June 21

If you haven’t been searching for communities associated with NonStop recently then you might be surprised to find as many as do exist today. Whatever your social media preferences happen to be you will likely find a group that is focused solely on NonStop – and these groups oftentimes have large followings.

While there may be those within the NonStop community that might question the value of social media it is information at your fingertips that may otherwise be out of reach. There are many members of the NonStop community only too willing to step in to educate you on an item just as there are those more than capable of sorting out an issue that you may have. This is not to say that you should abandon regular communications channels with HPE that are already in place but rather, there are times when you might just like to get a better sense of where the community’s sentiment might lie on even the most obscure item.

Traditionally, it has been during the major events where opportunities to network present themselves but with the global pandemic still influencing our event calendars, seeking out virtual communities online has its advantages. Enjoying virtual experiences via ZOOM and the like have their place but more often than not, when it comes to NonStop our topics can be very specific to the product. What’s happening with NonStop SQL, anyone?

What follows here is a brief summary of some of the more popular groups together with some information on how to find them as well as how to join them:


There are many groups associated with NonStop but the most popular groups include the following. Each of them is easy to join and each will have a slightly different focus:

Tandem User Group (3,955 members)

HP NonStop Tandem Professionals (3,664 members)

BASE24 & BASE24-eps Forum (3,314 members)


Tandem Computers (846 members)

If you are looking to associate with a group that has strong ties all the way back to the very earliest of days with Tandem Computers, this might be the group for you. And if you are interested in former “trash and trinkets” featuring the original Tandem Computers logo, they appear from time to time as former colleagues move house.


While some of us continue to lobby for the twitter handle @HPE_NonStop or even @TandemComputers, you will find @Connect2NonStop which is a good place to start. British Isles Tandem has the handle @BITUG and there are a number of hashtags including #HPE_NonStop #HPENonStop

This group is for former employees of Tandem Computers, Incorporated. Also includes current HPQ Non-Stop Division employees who were employed by Tandem Computers prior to its mergers with HP and Compaq. The purpose of the group is to network, keep in touch and find out what excitin’ things are happening with the great folks who worked at Tandem. All disciplines are welcome – development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, support, finance, administration, etc.

Group Information

Group Email Addresses

I am sure I have missed an important group or two so please feel free to email me or to post to anyone of the above. You can always reach me –

Twitter @RichardKBuckle