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Social Media Round-Up

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When we think of social media our thoughts often take us to business networks as well as towards networks made up of family and friends. When it comes to the latter, it’s often a case of Facebook, Twitter and the like. Checking my own Twitter account the majority of the activity of late has been generated by HPE – whether it’s @HPE_ConvergedDI, @HPE_Servers, @HPE_Discover, or something similar, not to mention the many hashtag highlights – as well as @Connect_WW (and importantly for us, @Connect2NonStop) along with a number of vendors, the most prolific being IR – @IRPrognosis, Gravic – @GravicSB, with just a splash of comForte – @comForteLounge, it becomes easy to see what is popular among the community. When it comes to Facebook it’s more focused on the activities of individuals from these companies – how else would we be able to keep up with the ice hockey games our own Randy Meyer officiates?

It may be overlooked even as we each have to battle our own schedules but there is a lot that can be discovered in these very short promotional bursts of information. For instance, if you plan on attending HPE Discover, as I am planning to do, already there is advance information about when HPE CEO Meg Whitman will be holding court on center stage. The big omission from all of this, including the tweets from Connect, is NonStop. There seems to be little by way of information flowing on a regular basis concerning NonStop. You can follow Wendy Bartlett @Wendy_NonStop and Karen Copeland @Karen_NonStop and there is also #HPE_NonStop (even my own #NonStopRocks) but nothing by way of a @HPE_NonStop. Yes, there is a @HPE_BladeNews but I’m not sure whether that’s going to attract many members of the NonStop community.

The whole incentive to publish NonStop Insider and support it with a web site of the same name is to ensure there are multiple sites you can turn to for news specifically aimed at the NonStop community. There are a growing number of NonStop vendors producing seasonal newsletters – just this past week I received newsletters from comForte and Gravic – and almost every vendor in the NonStop community produces a blog. As you look at the total picture for NonStop it may not be HPE that is the most visible but rather, NonStop vendors as well as a couple of industry sites. Most recently, I was published in the ATMmarketplace blog and I regularly make the cut for articles published in BankingTech. Both of these sites focus on Financial Institutions but could do with even greater participation from the NonStop community – if you look at either ATMmarketplace or BankingTech there is no news coming from HPE about NonStop and yet the subscribers to both overlap heavily with the NonStop community.

Social and business networks and multiple web sites warrant our attention as there are many updates relevant to the work each of us does that first makes it to these media outlets. Time is always the issue and prioritizing where we turn to and what we read is always the most important consideration and yet we do need to stay current and we do need to be prepared to evangelize NonStop whenever the situation arises. You could say it’s an essential part of all of our job descriptions. Of course, like many in business, you could just check in at LinkedIn if your time is limited, as much of what appears ever so briefly on Twitter makes it into a LinkedIn promotional discussion.

Perhaps the discussion I have been following the most these past few days has been one I started on my business-focused group, Pyalla Technologies. Check out the discussion, Where will Virtualized NonStop (VNS) find a home? Not to be confused of course with the similar sounding LinkedIn group, Pyalla Track Days which represents my efforts to bring a little bit of Facebook to LinkedIn, this latest discussion on VNS has attracted some interesting observations from members of the NonStop community including, “But a lot of developers (mainly small) that cannot effort a purchase of big iron have the possibility to develop on this platforms. Now this is dependent (on) how HPE will open the genie bottle, but if there will be a developer edition for small folks, then you’ll see new SW and solutions build on NonStop. If this happen … the cloudification for NonStop could be a reality.” As well as that all important reminder that “vNS shares the same Mission Critical OS RVU (L17.02) as Integrity NonStop X so it is not just a win for virtualised deployments.”

Of course, we shouldn’t forget about the LinkedIn group, Tandem User Group that has about 3,500 members and has emerged as the go-to group for the majority of NonStop users. No matter where you turn to for your information or how much time you can afford to go online, it remains an important aspect of our business lives. And we owe it to our employers / employees, to the HPE NonStop team as well as the NonStop vendor community and most importantly of all, we owe it to ourselves. With eBITUG about to begin, make sure you take advantage of this face-to-face networking time to explore what other members of the NonStop community are following and yes, most of all, stay abreast of all that makes the pages of this publication, NonStop Insider.