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Social Media Round-Up

May Edition

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This past month has seen activity continuing to flourish on two major social media channels – Twitter and Facebook. While we don’t often associate either one with business, they do provide interesting aspects of what is taking place at HPE as tweeted and indeed, what members of the NonStop community are talking about on Facebook. Point is, with HPE marketing budgets the way they are today, we need the whole community active on every social media channel that we can readily access! The aim, as we should all know by now, is to influence industry searches so that NonStop comes back no matter what question is asked about mission critical systems.

When it comes to twitter there are two important considerations – having an appropriate twitter handle (@me) and joining what’s trending (#itsbig)!  OK, so searching on HPE, for instance, brings up a lot of twitter handles and most of them attract only a few followers. However, the bigger and more interesting handles include:


… and no, there isn’t an official @HPE_NonStop although I plug it in from time to time and sure would like to see HPE NonStop product management take ownership of at least one twitter handle. C’mon, how about it, product managers?

When it comes to trending, I always check in on:

… and something very new that I only just started using #TrueNonStop to group new tweets I come across featuring Mission Critical Distributed Ledger (MCDLT) / Blockchain from HPE that features usage of NonStop systems and NonStop SQL. And in the meantime, for those in on the inside story, there is now a #FoolsForNonStop that will be used to promote posts to the LinkedIn group, Fools for NonStop!

One important item here to note – and yes, I have included Antonio Neri’s handle for a reason – the new HPE CEO is very active and you can tell he is bringing a change of style to the leadership of HPE just from following his tweets. Less about big business meetings and a lot more down to earth coverage of meetings with employees and partners and a definite expression of interest in the people side of HPE. This I find particularly interesting to observe and it will be interesting to once again be in the audience at HPE Discover 2018, Las Vegas, to hear his take on HPE’s execution of the strategy now being articulated – simplifying the transformation to hybrid IT but just as importantly, the push by HPE into software as its focus clearly is changing with the spotlight being directed onto software. Perhaps the mission of embracing software-defined-everything is a clue after all!

Are you planning on attending HPE Discover? If not, you may want to reconsider, as every NonStop user really does need to hear of the bigger picture being described by HPE’s executives. And you may even be surprised just how much attention is now being given to NonStop! There will be lots of activity on social media and I for one, as a member of the HPE independent blogging community, have been asked to blog a lot and you may be surprised to read that during the HPE Discover event in Madrid, where all tweets with the @HPE_Discover handle were displayed on the jumbo-screen in the exhibition hall, I made it into the top 10 – as high as 3rdat one time – all with NonStop-centric tweets!

As for Facebook, this is a little less prominent for many in the NonStop user community but just as there is a LinkedIn group, Tandem User Group, there is also a Facebook public group, Tandem Users. If you have ever wanted to find pictures of past events and of former employees of Tandem Computers then this is the place to go and participation can be lively from time to time. If you check Facebook first thing each morning, perhaps you should join this group as well …

It should be hard to escape the many references made to upcoming RUG events – BITUG, GTUG and shortly thereafter RUG events on the American east coast. Hopefully, there will be participants who actively chronicle what goes on with tweets and posts so that all of those who continue to work from behind our desks can keep up with all the action surrounding NonStop today and don’t forget, include my handle when you do and I will certainly make sure it is retweeted across the broader HPE world!