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Social Media Round-Up

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After all that I have written of late concerning blockchain, supply chain management and in particular, container shipping and bills of lading, it would be remiss of me to not mention the publicity surrounding an incident at sea off he coast of Australia. Coverage in Australia, the UK and the US media caught it all – 83 containers falling overboard during an encounter with heavy swells pushed up by a winter storm in the southern hemisphere. As the photo below highlights, it doesn’t take much to have these stacks of containers break loose:

social media june 18

As an aside, I am using this picture as part of a vendor presentation I will be giving at the upcoming N2TUG event in Dallas where it perfectly captures the subject of monitoring. Do you know where your files are? Seems more than appropriate given the product involved, DataExpress, is a managed file transfer solution where monitoring the movement of “packages” of files is important.

Turning away from traditional media and looking at the highlights this month on social media – let’s start with the purchase by Microsoft of GitHub that was just announced this week. Ignoring for a moment the sums paid for this company the ramifications of this huge investment by Microsoft will be felt for some time … watch LinkedIn for updates on this coming from the development community and yes, there are well-known personalities in the NonStop community who will be blogging about this shortly. If you check in with LinkedIn on a regular basis, you will see posts already appearing, some of which include this link:


From Twitter:

Dana Gardner @Dana_Gardner  (Retweeted Satya Nadella)

IMHO: #MSFT‘s biggest gamble to remake themselves in eyes of #OSSuniverse. Really a radical shift. I’m sure MSFT knows what it can and can’t do to #developersto keep them happy. If they can, then this could be a very big deal win terms of pulling momentum away from #AWS.

Which then lead to me asking “Dana – what do you think the fallout will be … developers I know have become somewhat zealots of all things GitHub … will that continue under MS watch?”

Dana Gardner –

IMHO: This is MSFT’s gamble they can continue to remake themselves in eyes of OSS universe. Really a radical shift from their perceptions of old. But being of, by, and for the hybrid cloud (and not platform) can be devOps offer many will find hard to refuse. I’m pretty sure that MSFT knows what it can and can’t do to developers to keep them happy. If they can make them happy, then this could be a very big deal win terms of pulling momentum away from AWS. Cheers!
Anshu Sharma @anshublog
GitHub acquisition by Microsoft is a stroke of genius. And an epic miss by @googlecloud. Developer attention is hugely valuable asset that’s very expensive to buy otherwise even with unlimited budget.
When @satyanadelladropped Windows religion to embrace the reality of the iOS, Android, Linux and multi-cloud world, he started a huge transformation of Microsoft.
David Terrar‏ @DT

Microsoft Is Said to Have Agreed to Acquire Coding Site GitHub – interesting, unexpected, significant move – collaborating with coders? – makes sense to me!


Another news report that lit up the blogosphere concerns the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) after it announced it was paying a record fine for poor oversight of its payments systems. The background was that it let anonymous users “deposit” AUS$20,000 directly into Intelligent Deposit Machines – essentially, ATMs. CBA will pay a civil penalty of $700 million together with AUSTRAC’s legal costs of $2.5 million. According to CBA Chief Executive Officer Matt Comyn said:

“We are committed to build on the significant changes made in recent years as part of a comprehensive program to improve operational risk management and compliance at the bank. To date we have spent over $400 million on systems, processes and people relating to AML/CTF compliance and will continue to prioritize investment in this area.”


Thinking of turning to HPE’s Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (MCDLT), perhaps? Well if you haven’t read it already, OmniPayments are leveraging the work done by HPE with the deep port of the 3 Corda for exactly this – AML / KYN (Anti Money Laundering / Know Your Customer). As for the blog posts, this was the additional information posted to the blog site – Digital Finance Analytics Blog, CBA Settles AUSTRAC Claims

The settlement with AUSTRAC includes a Statement of Agreed Facts and Admissions. A copy of the Statement is attached to this announcement and is available on CBA’s website. In summary, as part of the agreement CBA has admitted to:


Finally, there was good news coming from HPE concerning the results it published for Q2, 2018. The numbers looked good even as some comments by HPE CEO Antoni Neri caused some flutter in the financial markets, the general consensus is that after two quarters, Neri has a firm hand on the helm. If you missed the update on LinkedIn, Neri posted this link that provides more complete info:

Before I close this update, I came across a remark made in a popular auto magazine by a not-so-well-known car collector. “Of course, the one thing about being a pundit about anything is that you are virtually condemned to be wrong. The one thing I know about the future is that it’s certainly going to surprise us.” Be sure to read my future posts as there has to be a way I can work this observation into a post or commentary!