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Social Media Round-Up [April 2020]

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smru may 2020 - 1

HPE Community blog –  

The first place you should turn to each month is the HPE Community blog. This month it features the latest post by HPE Mission Critical Systems (MCS)’ own Karen Copeland. Leading the HPE NonStop product management team, Karen’s topic this time just happened to hit very close to home for all members of the NonStop community, Unplanned downtime and outages can happen. But not with HPE NonStop. This should strike a positive chord with every NonStop user. Yes, availability, and the ability to run 24 x 7 with 99.99999 (seven nines) of availability, as recorded by many NonStop users, together with the recognition by IDC that NonStop sits alone as the representative of what IDC labels Availability Level 4 (AL4). Achieving such high levels of availability is still a topic of interest. NonStop users everywhere know all too well of the frailties of other systems when it comes to supporting mission critical applications so this should be mandatory reading for most IT professionals:   

In what are already stressful times, outages like the recent one with popular investing app Robinhood generate attention and anxiety. Learn how the unique fault-tolerant architecture of HPE NonStop systems continue to save customers’ mission-critical applications from unexpected outages—and the negative business impact these outages can create.”

Key thought? How about:

“CIOs of financial institutions have juggled for many years to balance the rapidly changing financial landscape against an unpredictable business environment, with tradeoffs between risks and costs. Resorting to the cloud may be one option, but the cloud runs on a server somewhere and if that server has no means to detect, recover and protect the application from an outage, it’s not worth much.  But if that server is an HPE NonStop system, the application can run on a robust and fault-tolerant platform.”

Perhaps just as important for the NonStop community is that this is the third post by the HPE NonStop team to be published on the HPE Community blog this year. Combined with recent videos promoting NonStop it’s a very positive outcome for NonStop community members looking for even more publicity on NonStop to come from HPE.

Facebook –

If you would like to know a lot more about the early days of NonStop, when it was Tandem Computers, then you need to look no further than Facebook and the recent post by Joel Bartlett to the Facebook Group, Tandem Computers. Joel provided a link to a video – in five parts – where those originally involved in the design, prototyping and then eventual shipment of the first Tandem Computer give insights into how it all came about. Check out:

And for a rare glimpse of what Tandem was like as it celebrated its tenth anniversary, check out:

The quality may not be pristine for all viewers, but what is actually said in these videos is remarkable.

Twitter – 

As a precursor to how different groups supported by HPE are now meeting, HPE’s Influencer group met via ZOOM to hear firsthand of the plans HPE is putting in place to conduct a virtual HPE Discover 2020. It’s still early days but everyone involved in holding HPE Discover is now at work developing content for what will be many virtual tracks.

If you missed the updates tweeted, here is just one example referencing #HPEinfluencer:

smru may 2020 - 2

LinkedIn – 

Finally, it would be hard to ignore the reposting of a cartoon that was viewed numerous times even as it provided a background for amusing observations about what the future may hold for all of us as we gradually crawl out from under all the impositions placed upon us at this time of global pandemic, including that much-loathed social distancing.

This cartoon, created by Mark Anderson, appeared on Twitter and on Facebook but the image included here was following its inclusion on LinkedIn:

smru may 2020 - 3