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Social Media Round-Up – August

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LinkedIn continues to dominate the business airwaves when it comes to networking, but of late and with our changes in office and home locations, there has been much that has been taking place on Facebook and Twitter. This isn’t trying to sway those who spend little time on either site to change their priorities to keep up to date with all that is being communicated via Facebook and Twitter but rather just a reminder that news is spread via many different social media channels. Mind you, there is a lot of rubbish appearing on both of these digital media channels but all the same, have you joined in the exchanges on the group Tandem Computers or followed @HPE_labs, @HPE_servers, @HPE_convergedDI, @Connect_WW, @Connect2NonStop etc. did you know that there isn’t a @HPE_NonStop and I am not sure why not, but there is #NonStopRocks

There are still other places to go if you are a NonStop user and there are many sites devoted to simply posting and answering questions. Of course, the LinkedIn group Tandem User Group continues to be among the biggest single group devoted to all things NonStop and where today there are almost 3,500 members! There is also comp.sys.tandem on that has regular updates on questions about development and usage related to NonStop. The HPE web site has pages devoted to Community and there NonStop OS was listed at one time, but I am not seeing much activity of late and I wonder if it is even an integral part of HPE’s outreach these days. On the other hand, and returning to Twitter, recently retired Wendy Bartlett remains active on Twitter and certainly warrants a big supportive call out whenever opportunity to do so presents itself – you can follow Wendy @Wendy_NonStop … cool handle, right?

As far as blogs go the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, continues to be the primary vehicle where I post on all things NonStop and with the big jump into virtualization by NonStop development it seems that anything at all about virtualization warrants a post or two as this is definitely a defining moment for the whole of the NonStop community. If as yet you haven’t checked the latest post, you may want to take a look at Our colorful lives! And if you are on that web site, you may want to check out the label C8 – Virtualization but this isn’t the only blog site where news about NonStop is featured as practically every NonStop vendor today includes a blog directly accessible from its web site and these are well worth checking out on a regular basis.

Finally, if I was to include one additional reference to discussions that continue to be ongoing then it is the one about attracting a more youthful audience to NonStop. Recent discussions with NonStop vendors highlighted just how important this is for them – it influences everything, from their own development environments to what new applications need to be developed to better support different clientele, more attuned to checking social media sites than paging through a web site. It has kind of gone quiet over the summer holidays but in the coming weeks I will be returning to the topic of attracting a younger audience to NonStop, so stay tuned and I will have more to say on the matter next month.