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Social Media Round-Up, December 2017

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The variety of posts and exchanges across social media reflects an increased usage of the various channels. We all have our preferences, of course, but there is little excuse today not to be well-informed on any topic related to NonStop whether it is about the latest system, a new solution or a development platform. It’s all out there and if you have the time, you can unlock a wealth of information that perhaps some of your colleagues simply don’t know anything about. Take for example the various references that follow here …

There are times when you simply cannot find the right manual or even who to talk to when you encounter problems developing solutions for NonStop. There are many forums that the NonStop community can turn to for help but what caught my attention this time was the question being asked on a LinkedIn group – this time, the LinkedIn group, Tandem User Group.

As you will see if you go to the page on Tandem User Group, Native compilation (

The question asked generated responses in very quick time with the user, vendor and HPE communities all stepping in to provide help. Yes, there are manuals and yes, there are real developers working close to the original code, all willing to step in and help. And for this, a general social media channel like LinkedIn steps into a space where all your network connections can readily help out …

But it wasn’t on LinkedIn where most of the action was this past month. Twitter certainly got a work out as first, the NonStop Technical Boot Camp produced a lot of tweet updates and then, just a week or so later, so did HPE Discover.

#NonStopTBC became a place to go for news and updates on Boot Camp while #HPEDiscover (and yes, #HPEDiscover2017) were key hashtags to follow. For HPE Discover there was also a lot of action around @HPE_Discover as well as @HP_Labs but there are now many @HPE_ whatever … so you may want to check out the variations yourself to find a group you may want to follow. And before I leave this topic, don’t forget – there is a @HPE_NonStop as well that I am seeing being used more often and I  plan on making sure I include it among the twitter handles I reference.

Remember to follow these twitter handles and remember too to ensure you always include @HPE_NonStop and @Connect2NonStop in any tweet. As for me, I keep lobbing away at #NonStopRocks which over time I hope attracts greater following!

Closer to home, if you want a really good example of how twitter can help out your regional NonStop user group you can take a leaf – OK, a maple leaf – from the CTUG playbook by checking out @CTUG_NonStop It’s also good to see that there is a @SunTUGFL and of course @BITUG … although, be careful too as @GTUG and all its variations relates to the Google Technology User Group. If your TUG group has a handle be sure to let me know and I will makes sure others become aware of it!

Vendors blogs are still among the most valuable resources on the web and there are now lots of really good blog sites. As for me I continue to provide updates not only to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View but to the LinkedIn blog Pulse where you will always be able to find commentary about anything transpiring at HPE but it related to the people, the strategy and vision or the products.

And the good news here is I am not alone and every time I google the topic of Blogs featuring HPE NonStop the list gets longer and longer – there was even reference to an IBM mainframe blog where you could find out more about IBM MQ for HPE NonStop V8.0 which is nice to see.

Yes, it’s all out there and it only takes a few minutes to explore so leverage these resources as you see fit and perhaps you will even come across a conversation or discussion that you would like to join – and that’s the good news. As the saying goes and as enhanced by scientist Carl Sagan, “There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question.”