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Social Media Round-Up [December, 2018]

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If the focus of October’s Round-Up was on industry events, given how I was in Sydney, Australia, attending the big banking conference, SIBOS Sydney 2018, as part of its editorial team, then November was all about HPE Discover 2018, Madrid, and the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), Burlingame, California. Both of these events were heavily focused on HPE customers and it was good to read that attendance yet again, was solid. It’s a reflection on just how well HPE is executing right now and that interest in HPE solutions continues to remain high.

While walking between events, meetings and networking opportunities at times I felt like a walking billboard; if I wasn’t wearing a jacket promoting OmniPayments or a hoodie promoting HPE Social Media, then I was wearing one vendor’s or another’s tee-shirt!

Social Media takes many forms but this past month it was mostly about twitter. When it comes to TBC there were numerous #s in use with both #NonStopTBC2018 and #TBC_2018 among those I followed. I am sure there were other #s being used, so drop me an email if there were #s you believe we should be promoting. Of course, @Connect2NonStop is one I follow as is @ConnectWW.

Writing of HPE Discover 2018, Madrid, it’s an event where bloggers become very active and with HPE now supporting social media and the blogging community, there are plenty of #s to follow. Perhaps the primary handle to follow is @HPE_Discover and then there is the handle of @AntonioNeri_HPE  carrying a lot of news as well.  The leadership of the HPE social media / influencer group can be followed simply with the #HPEDiscover while the blogging community posted with #HPEinfluencer and don’t forget, there is also the handle of the group’s leader to keep an eye on – @laurasmackey.

If as yet you aren’t following the #HPEblogger then that may be something you want to consider doing as this is where I, along with fellow HPE bloggers, post updates particularly on occasions like HPE Discover. When it comes to individuals, apart from those already mentioned above, three HPE executives should be followed whenever there are big event like HPE Discover:

@KirkBresniker   – Chief Architect and HPE Fellow/VP, Hewlett Packard Labs.

Kirk is incredibly approachable and if you want to know where the focus of HPE labs happens to be, he is the guy to get to know! For those who have been following HPE for a long time you may recall Kirk worked for Martin Fink and as a result knows a lot about NonStop!

And make sure you also follow @HPE_labs

@EngLimGoh – VP & CTO, HPC & AI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Perhaps the most charismatic presenter / researcher on all things AI; his presentation to the banking community at SIBOS Sydney 2018 was the best received presentation of all! With the focus of HPE now inclusive of data it will be hard to ignore his work … did you know he consulted with Cambridge University’s Stephen Hawking, so he informed the audience, for two decades? And did you know it was Dr. Goh who pioneered the AI needed to beat the best Texas Hold ‘Em poker players in Las Vegas (after losing big time first time out)?

@raphaeldavison – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Worldwide Director for Blockchain

Raphael is doing a great job promoting the blockchain or, more specifically, mission critical distributed ledger technology (MCDLT); I sat down with him while at SIBOS Sydney2018 and he is right on the ball with where HPE is headed in its support of blockchain.

Before I wrap up, did you see my latest post to the NonStop community blog, summarizing TBC this year, that is doing the rounds on social media sites? If you have as yet not read this post, you can check it out with this link:

All the best for end of year, 2018, and for all of 2019,