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Social Media Round-up – July 2017

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At some point in July the industry in the Northern Hemisphere quietly slips into vacation mode. There are many who are happily sipping margaritas at the local “tiki bar” and this will likely continue well into late August, before there is any sign of a return to what might be considered as business as usual. If you have been unaware of this summer tradition than you must not be checking your Facebook account as it really is full of travel commentary from just about everyone – even HPE VP&GM of Mission Critical Systems, Randy Meyer, has been keeping us all well informed about his travels of late.

When it comes to social media, it’s hard not to be sidetracked by what is being published in apps like Facebook and Twitter – I referenced this in last month’s issue of NonStop Insider but I have to admit, after writing about both apps, I have become even more active and have been posting updates more frequently. For me, my circle of FB friends consists mostly of business friends and this looks to be a common practice for many of the NonStop community with whom I stay in contact. Left unsaid, of course, is what stories and messages are conveyed but every now and then, something of interest does surface. When it comes to twitter I encourage everyone to join in the conversation that is ongoing for those who belong to @Connect@NonStop @HPE_ConvergedDI and @HPE_Servers. And then of course, there is #HPE_NonStop #NonStopRocks !!! Should we also add #NonStopInsider, I wonder?

When it comes to what’s happening on LinkedIn then sad to report, it’s been a very quiet month. There have been several “thumbs up” likes posted to conversations on Tandem User Group as there have also been similar likes posted to conversations on Real Time View. While it is very new and only recently posted to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, the post Growth is not optional; it is a must! is one that I am sure will generate commentary as already I have received numerous emails about the content and yes, the most frequently asked question to date – “What do you expect to hear from HPE?”

When it comes to what’s going on within social media and in particular, LinkedIn, it would be remiss of me not to include some commentary about a peer group that may be initially viewed as being the competition. But that issue to one side, it’s important to know that there is another community that is expressing similar comments / observations as we are and that is the LinkedIn group, Mainframe Experts Group – if as yet you have not joined this group then you may want to consider doing so if your interests lie within the broader IT industry. One conversation right now happens to be What to say to people who say the mainframe is dead and the article included in the conversation is one that is very similar in both intent and in the questioning that goes along with it to our own discussions, so yes, it might be a good read for all in the NonStop community.  And if your interests lie with security, then take a look at The Myth of the Secure Mainframe about which I will write nothing more.

One last observation I would like to make is that oftentimes, the same conversation is included within multiple groups and as someone who likes to contribute, then I am perhaps one of the worst offenders, or so it would appear. What I am going to be doing is limiting the number of promotional conversations started to just a few groups as I work on new original content for others. For example, Fools for NonStop begs for innovative and controversial conversations even as both Big Data, integrated with NonStop and   Clouds, powered by NonStop call out for unique content. Check them both out as things will change. As for marketplaces then you may want to consider joining ATM Industry Association as well as following Banking Technology as I have content frequently published by both ATMmarketplace and BankingTech where NonStop is heavily featured.

Yes there is a lot of fresh material being published on NonStop and it’s not that hard to find. As a community, everyone interested in NonStop should be participating in at least one forum possibly many more, but the point remains, if you are serious about seeing NonStop usage grow then become vocal and throw your support behind NonStop. After all, it’s going to count and the more noise is generated the better! Look for more about NonStop in social media publications in the coming months and don’t be shy – add a comment or two and perhaps you will find new connections in unexpected places. I know, I have and they have all proved invaluable to my career development even now.