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Social Media Round-up – June 2017

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When it comes to social media coverage of NonStop there are plenty of places to turn to and for the NonStop community, there is a group willing to share their perspectives on NonStop that are as different as they are constantly on the move. It’s not just LinkedIn that is the source of much, information on NonStop but lately, I have been picking up on clues from both Facebook and Twitter. For instance, if you want to know where Randy Meyer is headed for his next customer-focused activities you can do no better than “friending” Randy on Facebook. As the VP & GM of Mission Critical Systems with P&L responsibility for the entire group, Randy rarely spends time in Silicon Valley, other than to take in an ice hockey match or to pack yet another bag.

On the other hand, if your interests are in finding out more about the world of big data, lakes and streams, and analytics in general then you can’t do much better than friending either Steve Wilkes or Sami Akbay of Striim. Both of them are cofounders of Striim and there is rarely a day that passes that one or the other – often both – are headed to a conference in order to present to a new audience the benefits of Striim. Again, if you haven’t reached out to either of them on Facebook, perhaps you should!

When it comes to Twitter, it has been a hectic period for those who tweet about all things HPE, Mission Critical and NonStop. With HPE Discover taking center stage this past week, there has been a wealth of information (and yes, pictures) shared by those present at HPE’s premier event. If you missed any of the news concerning The Machine, the announcement about HPE’s NewStack, or even to read more about the NonStop demo of the R3 Corda “blockchain” running on NonStop then you may want to check in with @HPE_Discover. As can be expected there will be a lot more coverage of all things related to HPE Discover in posts and articles published over the next month or so.

If you wanted to read a day-by-day blow of what was happening in Las Vegas for HPE Discover then you may want to check out the discussions on the LinkedIn group, Real Time View, starting with:

Registration complete …


First Full Fay at HPE … Part 2

Day two at HPE Discover

HPE Discover – Last Day; final impressions …

I am sure that there were more conversations started that featured the happenings at HPE Discover 2017 and posted to other groups and it may take a little extra time to scroll through the conversations on your popular LinkedIn group but it should be worth the effort – there was a lot going on! If as yet you haven’t read the June 3, 2017, post It’s time for Vegas! to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, it may be worth a look as there will be a complementary follow-up post published shortly.

As for other blog posts, then the post back on April 23, 3017, Where will Virtualized NonStop (VNS) find a home? to the LinkedIn blog, Pulse, continues to carry a conversation and may be worth checking out too as we find out more about Virtualized NonStop and the role it will be playing in the portfolio of NonStop options. If your tastes are much broader than just NonStop and even Mission Critical Systems then I encourage you to check out the HPE blog, Converged Data Center Infrastructure, particularly if the news about HPE NewStack piques your interest!

Finally, if you are interested at all about how the financial community views HPE then one social media site I have enrolled in is Seeking Alpha which I know more than a couple of NonStop vendor executives subscribe to – it’s a little hit-and-miss in terms of coverage of what we like but every now and then you will read something very relevant to what you do on a daily basis.