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Social Media Round-Up [March, 2019]

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smr apr 19 - 1

Let’s clear the air, just a tad. We all make plans for retirement, right? No issues announcing our plans either, OK? Seemed legit to announce on twitter but then again check the date when you go looking for the tweet. And yes, there were some familiar faces within HPE that jumped immediately to this little bit of tom-foolery you expect to come across on April 1st. But no, there was nothing official about this tweet!

However, what’s not tom-foolery at this time is that HPE is stepping up its messaging surrounding its Intelligent Edge initiative. For now, the focus is almost entirely focused on the Aruba product line – the Aruba Edgeline products. However, that’s just skimming the surface of what the edge is really all about and that’s becoming clearer should you be checking the HPE web site and following the many tweets coming from HPE.

Have you been checking #IntelligentEdge if you search twitter for HPE Intelligent Edge, you will see a lot of tweets emanating from HPE CEO Antonio Neri. Mostly retweeting the following comment by Neri:

“‘Our strategy has been clear: which is to accelerate the intelligent edge opportunity,’ says Neri. ‘The edge is the next frontier. That is why we are so bullish about our Aruba portfolio with the connectivity, security and analytics.’”

smr apr 19 - 2

For the NonStop community, this focus on the edge has many implications not the least being whether or not NonStop will participate in solving problems at the edge. Will virtualized NonStop play a role external to the traditional data center?

You need only to turn to the HPE web site, search on intelligent edge, and you will come across references such as this:

The edge is everywhere that is not the data center nor the cloud – a factory floor, an oil rig, or an airport – practically anywhere. The things residing at the edge – cars, drills, cameras, personal devices, and more – are sources of rapidly growing big data. The ability to analyze this data in a rapid and efficient manner, and then take action on the data, enables you to optimize operations, redefine employee experiences, improve customer satisfaction, and create differentiated business models.”

Recently I posted to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View that it isn’t too big a stretch to include ATMs, POSs and yes, Mobile devices involved in executing financial transactions. If you missed it, check out the post on this topic: Living on the edge where you will read the following conclusion:

“When you consider all that HPE is addressing and where NonStop systems are playing a role, it’s inescapable that the future of NonStop will be heavily influenced by what transpires at the edge. And there is also no escaping NonStop’s history with financial institutions where support for ATMs, POSs, Mobile Phones and the Internet have played a very large role, which is even now shaping the future for NonStop.”

This may not be as big a leap as you might expect as other tweets led me to check out other pages on the HPE web site where I came across this explanation:

Intelligent edge refers to the analysis of data and development of solutions at the site where the data is generated. By doing this, intelligent edge reduces latency, costs, and security risks, thus making the associated business more efficient. The three major categories of intelligent edge are operational technology edges, IoT edges, and information technology edges, with IoT edges currently being the biggest and most popular.”

Together with the rather illuminating clarification:

“The term ‘Intelligent Edge’ is used in many ways, but perhaps the best way to think of it is as a place. The edge is where the action is. It’s a manufacturing floor, a building, a campus, a city, your house, a crop field, a wind farm, a power plant, an oil rig, a telecommunications outpost, a sports arena, a battlefield, in your car, in the sky, or under the sea. It’s everywhere everything is, and it’s where the ‘things’ are in the Internet of Things (IoT).”

So forgive me if I see no reason at all as to what NonStop being a candidate for deployment close to “where the action is!” Particularly as HPE then calls out the 3 C’s of the Intelligent Edge:

Connectivity? Direct connect the device – appliances? Surely, whichever way you look at it, NonStop systems have been supporting many types of devices 24 x 7 including manufacturing robots and yes, ATMs POSs and Mobile devices of many types. But then there is Compute as well and this is probably making an even stronger case for NonStop when you take a look at what HPE calls the 7 reasons to Compute at the Edge:

smr apr 19 - 3

For as long as I have been associated with NonStop there has always been a strong case to be made for deploying NonStop close to where the action is to minimize latency, improve reliability and yes, manage the costs. If as yet you haven’t figured out that future instances of NonStop may very well be a part of processes deployed at the edge then you may want to think again. And yes, you may want to start looking more closely at the HPE web site and checking the tweets being made by HPE and those working with NonStop.

smr apr 19 - 4

After all, you wouldn’t want to fall off the edge oblivious of the business value that comes with running NonStop in support of all those first touch-points your customers will have with your enterprise! If you have as yet not elected to follow me on twitter, where I am inserting myself into these and many other NonStop related topic, please follow @RichardKBuckle and like my tweets when you see them as it helps keep the topic live and on the radars of many HPE senior managers and executives!

Thank you.