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Social Media Round-Up – March

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If the focus last month centered on “a little new, a little old” – a reference to discussions around what constitutes a legacy system along with discussions about the future of NonStop, with respect who would be architecting new applications, then the focus this month has been broadened to include “a little younger and a little older!” This is a reference to the ongoing comments being made to groups focused on attracting younger generations to NonStop systems, together with just what contribution the older generation can make to progressing the value proposition (and advantages) of Nonstop to these very same younger developers and architects.

Perhaps the best new discussion on LinkedIn groups may be the conversation started on the LinkedIn group, Tandem User Group, As Baby Boomers retire, the shortage …. grows. While this article published in NetworkWorld under the heading, As Baby Boomers retire, the shortage of mainframe professionals grows more acute it didn’t just apply to IBM Mainframers but just as easily could much the same story that could be written about the HPE NonStopers. Already the conversation on Tandem User Group has attracted 13 comments, which is among the most comments posted to any conversation this month, so if you have not as yet taken a look at it you may want to check it out and join the conversation.

The reference to IBM Mainfraimers led to another quite new LinkedIn group simply called Millennial Mainframe with some 650 members already. So it begged the question, why not Millennial NonStopers and this became the subject of a conversation on the LinkedIn Group, TCM NonStop Experts – HPE NonStop / Tandem Services and Solutions In a matter of a few short days, the conversation, Millennial NonStopers generated six comments as it picked up on the theme that yes, there are Millennial NonStopers out there and yes, there’s already been a gathering of the NonStop Under 40 SIG at the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp – but as yet, there hasn’t been any references or updates posted to the Connect Community web site.

So perhaps this is something the NonStop community may want to encourage and potentially look for support from existing stakeholders within the NonStop community – could NonStop Millennials become a new LinkedIn group? For now, it’s good to see it is attracting further conversation on the LinkedIn group TCM NonStop Experts – HPE NonStop / Tandem Services and Solutions and if as yet you haven’t checked it out, you may want to do so and yes, join the conversation.

LinkedIn groups and discussions referenced last month continue to see further comments being made. The conversation, NonStop “young guns” that can be found on the LinkedIn group, Fools for NonStop added a number of comments. So too did Who helps NonStop customers with ‘architecture’ questions? Or with ‘tough choices’? that can be found on the LinkedIn group, TCM NonStop Experts – HPE NonStop / Tandem Services and Solutions. And these both fall under the same general heading of educating the younger generation on all things NonStop then seeing the conversations continue shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone. And if you were still unaware of what was being discussed these discussions too should be checked out.

When it comes to what’s happening on social media, then looking at the discussion RUGs versus Chapters … that is currently attracting comments on the LinkedIn group, TCM NonStop Experts – HPE NonStop / Tandem Services and Solutions It isn’t surprising to see that for many within the NonStop community the reference to RUGs and yes, TUGs, is a continuation of a culture that has its roots deep within the NonStop and Tandem communities dating back decades. They are neither legacy terms nor have they become unfashionable – if you have any opinions or observations and have the energy to participate in the conversation then yes, let your voice be heard.

Finally, when it comes to blog postings, the futuristic post Three new wishes for NonStop that address the next three years! has generated a lot of pageviews. Posted every three years for as long as the blog, Real Time View, has been published, it is an opportunity to explore what may eventuate over the next three years. Oftentimes the NonStop product management team has to hold its punches and not disclose everything under consideration, but no such constraints limit what can be posted to this blog. If you check the right-hand sidebar, Popular Posts, you will see that after barely a month this post has climbed to the top of the popularity list. Maybe worth reading if you have not as yet been to the site.