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Social Media Round-Up [October and into November, 2019]

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Every now and then a headline strikes a chord with the community. When it comes to financial institutions and the need for current information on the world of fintechs, then the digital publication FinTech Futures, associated with Banking Technology publication, is one place to turn to for analysis, insights and opinions. I have been writing for both publications for many years now with the occasional response coming my way but fortunately, the editor has been kind to me and allowed considerable promotion of HPE and NonStop to pass past their editorial filters.
smru nov 19 -1
Given the opportunity to include references to cars in any story always has its appeal but when there was a news story about Lamborghini, I simply couldn’t resist working it into a story line I had been developing for some time. The article, The lion, the Lamborghini; banks and fintechs was the result of such a reference and while I may have mentioned the publication of this article in prior updates about social media channels, what really surprised me this month was just how many reposts have occurred on twitter! I am not sure how this came to the attention of folks after it’s been online for over a month but there have been many conferences of late and I am aware that someone referenced it – point is, when we write commentaries in today’s world of social media channels and communications, there is no telling where stories end up!

smru nov 19 -2

Building communities where conversations can take place is one of the most important aspects of social media outlets – develop a following and you have a conduit to popular sentiment. Its common knowledge that even among technologists, there remains a penchant to check out products, services and even vendors on social media channels first. And for good reason – new posts may only be a matter of a few hours old! What isn’t common knowledge is that when it comes to the NonStop community, there are many channels to choose from and that’s a luxury many other products, services and vendors simply don’t have.

Once a post is published to a blog, it then comes down to marketing and promotion and of late, I am finding that industry sites with blogs are attracting the biggest following, so expect to see more published about NonStop on those sites. ATMmarketplace and Banking Technology / FinTech Futures being the primary outlets for my stories, but again, any time I can include something about a car will always get my attention …

Twitter and LinkedIn:
The highlight for this period has been the number of tweets and posts (to LinkedIn) that focused on the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2019 (TBC). This is to be encouraged as there was no escaping now all-encompassing the event proved to be. Whether you were in finance or retail, a NonStop user or vendor, or simply someone who wanted to highlight a presentation or demonstration, these two channels featured strongly in the communications that came out of the event. Lots of great photos and lots of opportunities to keep attendees abreast of upcoming events – the social program at this year event was outstanding

One last point – the news is circulating over the potential purchase of HP Inc. by Xerox. While I was looking through LinkedIn I came across a very good reference to some of what is happening in the background and no, this has nothing to do with HPE even as I have fielded many questions on the topic of late. The LinkedIn update was highlighted because it referenced former Aussie CEO, Don Weisler, even though he wasn’t featured apart from being recognized as the former CEO. But if you want to know more about what’s transpiring on this front check out 5 Reasons HP Might Oppose The Xerox Takeover Bid and while reading the article look for the quote:

“The PC is the view into the cloud and is more alive than ever,” said Bob Venero, CEO of Holbrook, N.Y.-based solution provider Future Tech, No. 101 on CRN’s 2019 Solution Provider 500. “The PC is one of the enablers of the cloud. Making a statement that the industry is long overdue for consolidation doesn’t recognize the value of the PC business.”

Now, there is a thought many of us may be overlooking; what do you reckon? Yes, it pays to spend a couple of hours a week looking at social media channels as you may be surprised by what you run across. Finally, it would be remiss of me if we didn’t close with something uniquely NonStop so here is the latest post to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View: HPE NonStop team hits the high points at NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) 2019

Thank you.