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Social Media Round-Up, September

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Blog sites whether supported by a vendor, a user community or even an industry association continue to provide a lot of useful information. If you are a Financial Institution there are numerous sites that can keep you current with the latest trends and the hot topics of the day. This past month there have been numerous references to NonStop and to those vendors providing payments solutions, for instance.

When it comes to topical blog posts – those attempting to get their respective communities thinking about alternatives – then NonStop users may want to pay attention to the web sites of both Banking Technology ( as well as ATMmarketplace ( These sites are actively supported by NonStop vendors and over the past couple of weeks they have seen new posts being published:

Madness in the midday sun: Time-to-cash is all that matters

Physical containers – reused in novel ways. Does that include nextgen branch offices?

I call out these sites as there is ample opportunity for the NonStop community to post comments in support of NonStop and this is something we should all be doing at every opportunity. Social Media is a great communication channel but it only works well when we are all engaged so take a look at the posts for August and chime in whenever you see opportunity to support NonStop.

Membership in LinkedIn groups – particularly those focused on NonStop – continue to grow. Most recent has been the surge in membership of the LinkedIn group, Fools for NonStop! This site has history and of late, the editorial slant has changed to where unique discussions were encouraged with several already gaining attention of the community. If you want to know what the answers are to questions and observations like:

Blcokchain on NonStop? Yes and it’s a big deal …

and yes, the misspelling of blockchain only meant more members became curious about what was to follow!

The future of HPE …

Availability or scalability …
When you look at the membership of some of the more important LinkedIn groups focused on NonStop you will see membership numbers such as these – Tandem User Group (3,478) Real Time View (926) and yes, Fools for NonStop (727) along with Connect HPE (1,829) and even ITUG (1,178).

While these numbers may not be as large as those of other groups you may belong to remember these are groups mostly focused on issues for the NonStop community and as such, are quite impressive. Tightly focused NonStop vendor groups continue to struggle for both membership and interesting content but they are still worth taking a look at as I know the folks at comForte, IR, OmniPayments, TCM and such would welcome you stopping in to take a look at what’s being addressed.

On the other hand, when it comes to vendors own blog sites two that attracted my attention this past week were the blogs on Striim and Paragon web sites.

As an example, from the Striim blog site came the very educational series:
Making the Most of Apache Kafka – Streaming Analytics for Kafka
and a topic covered by Steve Wilkes over five posts and of value to anyone in the NonStop community looking at the value proposition of real time data streaming analytics in yes, a hybrid IT world.

and another multipart post this time appearing on the Paragon web site and posted by one of our favorite writers and a well-known consultant to the payments industry, Jim Tomaney.

Both Steve (GoldenGate) and Jim (ACI) have long associations with the NonStop community and their blog posts are well worth reading. If you come across interesting blog posts you think would be valuable to others in the NonStop community then please email our managing editor at