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Looking at the popularity of specific LinkedIn Groups, there are a couple of surprises. When it comes to the most popular LinkedIn Group focused solely on all things NonStop then it is the Tandem User Group that has proved most popular with some 3,384 members. Compare this to the membership of Connect HP User Group Community that has only managed to attract 1,815 members. Or compare it to the older group, ITUG, which has managed to attract 1,183 members.

Surprises? If you haven’t already taken a look at both HP NonStop Tandem Professionals (3,872 members) and Tandem HP Nonstop Consulting Services (2078 members) then you may be surprised to see such levels of participation but, unfortunately, as of last time I reviewed these groups, there doesn’t seem to be all that much interaction across the community so I continue to be drawn to Tandem User Group. Of course, it’s always worthwhile checking in on Real Time View where membership continues to climb and with 922 members, it is closing in on the 1,000 mark.

So, as the year comes to an end, what has caught my attention over the last four weeks:

From LinkedIn Groups:

Tandem User group – added a few weeks ago the discussion vNonStop – coming to a desktop near you! It has seen numerous comments made to the discussion. Clearly anything to do with virtual NonStop seems to be striking a chord with the community but at the same time many questions are being raised and the comments keep coming almost daily. A discussion that will likely continue for quite a while still.

Fools for NonStop group – begun only a month back, the discussion NonStop “young guns” is a continuation of commentaries and posts made elsewhere but among the members of this group, has also included an update from Boot Camp about the session that was held, as a SIG, for the “under 40” group within the NonStop community. Definitely worth getting involved.

TCM NonStop Experts – HPE NonStop / Tandem Services and Solutions group – a question that was posed to its members, Is managed services boutique or big business … drew a number of responses as it looked at whether specialists versus generalists would carry the day within most enterprises looking for managed services providers. Among the NonStop community, if HPE continues to be successful with NonStop X sales and yes, with the introduction of vNonStop, many more of these stakeholders in the NonStop community will be looking for outside assistance. Again, definitely it’s worth taking a look.

Real Time View group – there were many posts made to different groups on LinkedIn that covered the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp but this update, NonStop Technical Boot Camp – Day two and the second keynote presentation wows attendees! generated an interesting response from HPE. Check it out, too.

Connect HP User Group Community group – perhaps the most surprising post for the month was that by Jill Sweeney, Knowledge Management Section Leader: Platforms, Operating Software & Scalable Technologies at Hewlett Packard Enterprise when she asked, HPE NonStop technical content – please tell us …. Almost no responses even though this is a topic near and dear to many of us, ongoing education. Perhaps it’s worth a revisit to let Jill know more of what you really want included as part of further technical education.

From Twitter:

It’s worth reminding the Nonstop community that there are many good tweets being generated in support of HPE and NonStop. So take a look and those that continue to be active include: @Connect_WW, @Connect2NonStop, @HPEConvergedDI, @HPE_Servers, and don’t forget to help build a following too for #NonStopRocks