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Connect Tech Forum: Business Integration & Analysis



In case you missed this update from the Connect organization, what follows first appeared in the March – April 2022 issue of The Connection. SIGs and Tech Forums have always played an important role in the life of the NonStop community and it is anticipated that with the coming formation of this latest Connect Tech Forum it will strike a positive note with all NonStop community members.


Connect, together with members of the Connect community, is pleased to announce the creation of a new Tech Forum, Business Intelligence & Analysis (BI&A). We have all heard senior HPE executives refer to how data is created on NonStop but what comes next? To be valued by the enterprise data created on NonStop needs to be moved. It needs to be analyzed. It needs to lead to better business insights.

NonStop systems have rarely lived in isolation functioning as the sole data processing entity. Rather, NonStop has lived in the world of hybrid IT for many years. In all those years NonStop customers have witnessed the arrival of many tools and utilities the sole purpose is the better integration of NonStop with its peers. It has been a solution-rich environment for any NonStop user and yet, where change continues unabated, many NonStop users would like to know more about the options available to them.

With this announcement, we are laying the foundation for a venue where information can be readily exchanged and where the availability of solutions addressing integration and analysis can be better understood. The NonStop community has a rich heritage supporting tech forums and in this instance, with the subject as topical as it is now proving, Connect looks forward to your early registration and indeed participation.


“Data integration requires not only great technology it needs communities such as available with NonStop where amazing talents can join forces to overcome the roadblocks of digital transformation,” said HPE NonStop Product Manager, Roland Lemoine. “So what a better place to start than a Connect hosted forum, dedicated to help you get the best value of your NonStop data and more!”

“The largely unanswered question facing most enterprises is how to extract maximum value from an abundance of data? An impossible task if an organization neither understands how to value data nor has an actionable plan to do so,” said NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales, Tim Dunne. “This BI&A forum is intended to promote ‘Data Value Thinking’ for data born on NonStop. Our sole intent is to impart perspective and to augment the critical thinking of participants.”

It is envisioned that early membership will come from the NonStop community, but given the hybrid nature of enterprise IT, BI&A will be open to HPE users of other platforms. As much as NonStop is the champion of mission-critical transaction processing, analysis today is likely to be found on adjacent platforms and Connect would like to ensure all of its members have a place to go to discuss their options.

Further announcements will be forthcoming at the HPE Discover 2022 being held in Las Vegas with even more information provided during NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022.