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SQL to be featured at NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) 2021



HPE Aug 21 - 1

From the time it was first announced in the late 1980s, the addition of NonStop SQL to the NonStop product portfolio gained the attention of the IT industry. An SQL from the then Tandem Computer? An SQL that could scale while being fault tolerant? Amazing!

In the years that have followed, NonStop SQL (NS SQL) has gained a considerable following and today, with as much focus as there is on cloud services and on security, for NS SQL to be addressing both just has to be every bit as newsworthy as the initial launch.

TBC 2021 will feature separate presentations on NS SQL as follows:

NonStop SQL – The news

The world goes at a fast pace and so is SQL/MX and its ecosystem! So you do not want to miss this talk which will cover the soon to be released SQL/MX 3.8 but also NonStop SQL Cloud Edition, database compatibility, PL/MX, SQLXPress, NSDA and more! We’ll also have a glimpse of what’s coming in the future. Features include a technical description but are also associated with their best use case scenarios making this talk appropriate for a wide general audience who wants to know more about SQL/MX and how it can help their business.

Securing your Data in NonStop SQL

The task of securing a database can appear overwhelming considering all the types of attacks you need to think of and the variety of solutions that exist. The majority of threats such as SQL injection, password attacks, hacked DBA account can be prevented provided that you identify the effective policies and tools. DBAs, application owners and cybersecurity specialists will learn not only about our strong NonStop security ecosystem but also find 20 practical security checks you can immediately apply to better secure your data.

If you happen to be still undecided about the sessions you will be attending, make sure you look for both of the above and add them to your own calendars. And of course, if as yet you haven’t registered for the event, perhaps the inclusion of these two topics will be stimulus enough for you to complete your registration!

Roland Lemoine
NonStop Product Management
Database, Mission Critical Servers