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State-of-the-art testing: the first line of defense against fraudsters



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Security remains a significant issue for ATM and kiosk operators. Sophisticated hackers and cybercrooks are finding ever more creative ways to compromise these devices, both physically and logically. And as self-service kiosks see broader adoption across the globe, they are proving to be vulnerable to another growing threat: creative consumers.

While providing convenient access to cash, information, payments and other services is one of the key benefits of ATMs and kiosks, it is also one of their biggest security flaws. These machines often sit unprotected and vulnerable for hours at a time. Also, these devices are readily available for purchase on the secondary market, making it rather easy for crooks to slice up a machine while looking for the best ways to compromise the equipment. To make matters worse, 3D printers can easily replicate component pieces, allowing fraudsters to insert their own skimmers, traps and other electronics. And, if a 3D printer is beyond their reach, the crooks can just buy OEM parts in bulk off of the internet.

“With so many ATMs and kiosks connected to payments solutions running on HPE NonStop systems, this is of interest to many NonStop users,” said Steve Gilde, Director of Global Product Marketing at Paragon Application Systems. And when it comes to state-of-the-art testing of ATMs and kiosks to ensure the crooks haven’t taken advantage of security weaknesses inherent in these devices, Paragon leverages virtualization to help ensure hackers haven’t had their way with your network or devices. “Hackers will continue to search for and exploit any and every vulnerability they can find, whether it is in an ATM, a kiosk, a network or anywhere else. These threats are not going to go away and they certainly can’t be ignored.”
This is the focus of a recent article in Kiosk Marketplace written by Gilde. It can be viewed in full simply by following this link –

“What is important to realize – and it still surprises me – is that there are still many NonStop customers today that still don’t rely on automated test tools.  There are easy and manageable steps that can be taken to test code before it  is released into production that really do help protect the financial service provider’s systems and brand value, as well as their end consumers,” added Gilde. And if this is a topic you would like to discuss with us here at Paragon, we welcome you calls and would be only too happy to address any concerns you may have.

Written by the Paragon Team and reposted from the Paragon Edge Blog

Steve Gilde | Director, Global Product Marketing | Paragon Application Systems
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