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Striim; announcements keep coming even as Striim will be participating at ETBC as a Gold Sponsor!




If you have been following Striim on LinkedIn or Twitter you will have seen how active Striim is in its support for industry events worldwide – from Strata NY/SF/London to cloud-specific events with Google, AWS, and Microsoft. Maybe you’ve seen the recent news of how Striim and Snowflake have just announced a strategic partnership aimed at giving “Snowflake customers running in Microsoft Azure or AWS the benefit of a phased migration to Snowflake from existing on-premises or cloud-based data warehouses, databases, and other data sources.” If you missed the news then follow this link –

Snowflake – the data warehouse built for the cloud – may not be familiar to some NonStop users, but with so many conversations taking place around cloud deployments it may prove of interest to those NonStop users where such conversations include discussions over integration with data warehouses. “By making it easy to build streaming data pipelines to load real-time data to Snowflake, Snowflake customers can more quickly enable their modern data management, data warehousing, and data analytics initiatives. We are thrilled to be a strategic partner with Snowflake in this effort.” Whether or not Snowflake is a part of your plans, the inherent flexibility of Striim that is on display today means that streaming data in real time to any data warehouse in the cloud is now a viable option for any NonStop user.

With the European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC) a matter of just a few days away, Striim is pleased to announce that it is a Gold Sponsor of the event. Taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland, attendees will be able to hear directly from Cy Erbay, Senior Director at Striim, who will be presenting at the event as well as supporting Striim’s presence. Again, it is the topic of clouds that will be the highlight of his presentation, Tuesday May 14, an outline of which follows here –

Powering Next Generation Data Integration and Operational Analytics
with Streaming Data

HPE NonStop servers support mission-critical operations for your business. They contain data that require not only timely integration with other systems across the enterprise, but also in-time analytics to improve operational decision making and making the most value out of your HPE NonStop systems. In this presentation, you will learn about how to easily build a next-generation streaming data architecture that enables continuous data ingestion from HPE NonStop and other data sources, as well as in-flight transformation, enrichment with external data, and streaming analytics, all before the data is delivered to various Cloud ecosystems and other analytical or transactional systems. The session will focus on delivering an enterprise-grade solution that is high-performance, secure, scalable, and reliable, and integrates easily with other business systems. You will also learn how other companies leverage streaming data integration and analytics solutions to enhance their big data environments, detect anomalies and patterns in real-time, as well as build and monitor real-time business metrics using their critical data from HPE NonStop servers.


We looking forward to seeing you there and we hope that you will join us for this presentation. And if there are any other topics you would like to discuss with Striim you can always email or call us, as we would be only too happy to discuss Striim with any member of the NonStop community.

Katherine Rincon | Senior Vice President, Marketing
d 650.241.0680 x215 |
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