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Striim brings real-time integration between NonStop and off-premise public clouds




There have been numerous regional events held for the NonStop community and the conversations between Striim’s employees and customers as well as other vendors has been both numerous and productive. It’s becoming a lot clearer to the NonStop community that integrating the workloads running on NonStop with cloud resources, whether public or private, is beginning to emerge as a serious consideration. With as many discussions as there have been of late about hybrid IT and hyperconverged infrastructure, Striim is well-positioned to help even the most ardent supporter of NonStop systems begin their journey to better integration with clouds.

It’s not really a surprise to find that the Striim’s team are enjoying the conversations they are having with the NonStop community. After all, the credentials of the founders and those working on the code have strong historical ties to the NonStop community and while there are plenty of new faces within the team, when it comes to moving data and integrating the data with other resources, it’s not surprising to know that they have been there before. It’s not often that we reflect on our past ties to GoldenGate, but on the other hand, as you see how we have embraced NonStop SQL and look more closely at our Change Data Capture (CDC) methodology, you shouldn’t be surprised that we can leverage CDC for the purpose of providing integration with data and applications residing within the cloud.

According to the news release of April 18, 2017, Striim delivers streaming hybrid cloud integration to Microsoft Azure, the Striim team have launched a new release, Striim 3.7, in support of hybrid IT and clouds. “Many of our customers are increasingly adopting real-time cloud-based solutions. Striim enables them to rapidly deploy hybrid cloud solutions with continuous data movement from on-premise systems to the cloud. With this release, Striim is the only vendor to offer multiple metered solutions for streaming data integration and analytics on the Azure Marketplace,” said Alok Pareek, founder and EVP of Products at Striim. “Adding to this numerous platform enhancements such as support for schema evolution and DDL propagation, we continue to up the ante on streaming data management.” Notice the inclusion of HPE NonStop under the heading, Databases, in the diagram below:


striim june 17


Striim has been at the forefront of the real time integration of data streams with transaction processing. Being able to detect behavioral changes as they happen is Striim’s strength and when it comes to financial services, this is knowledge that is important to have when dealing with clients standing right in front of you. As HPE has reiterated numerous times just recently at events, “Real Time means analyzing new data while it is still new!” Being able to give our customers fresh information, about something they have expressed an interest in, is an opportunity not to be missed. And yet, this integration between data streams and transaction processing represents just one aspect of Striim.

Increasingly, the NonStop community is looking to move towards hybrid IT by taking measured “baby steps” and being able to support the integration of data held within the NonStop SQL database offerings with what is being held within a cloud, such as Microsoft’s Azure, is a simple way for the NonStop community to proactively make such incremental steps. With Striim the NonStop community can take a strong message to their management that investments already made on NonStop can be leveraged today in new and exciting ways. No longer silo-ed, pushed to one side and relegated to supporting just one business function, NonStop can become an integral part of the move for much greater application integration and leverage!

It is also worth mentioning that Striim continues to invest in NonStop by adding additional staff. Most recently, Greg Stuecklin has become the Striim’s account management director for the western US and Canada regions, having recently joined the company from Oracle where he focused on selling database, ETL, CDC and BI solutions. He’s based in Irvine, CA and provides sales support to Striim’s HP Nonstop customers. If as yet you haven’t been introduced to Greg or had a chance to catch up with him at an event, feel free to email him at . As a company, we will continue to be present at major NonStop events and if you happen to see us, by all means, drop by for a discussion and you can always follow us on social media. Should you want more information and happen to miss catching up with any us, feel free to call us or send us an email at any time.

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