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striim nov 20 - 1

As a valued member of the NonStop community, you are only days away from participating in the upcoming NonStop (Virtual) Technical Boot Camp or, All-Digital Experience (ADE) as it has been subtitled. Striim has been working with the HPE NonStop team for some time as well as with NonStop users and there are a number of users that now have Striim deployed. For any enterprise looking to feed the fresh data created on NonStop as a consequence of interacting with business clients and the public at large, Striim’s “end-to-end streaming integration and intelligence platform makes it easy to ingest and process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in real time for Big Data Lakes, cloud integration, detecting anomalies, monitoring metrics, edge processing and more.”

The partnership between Striim and HPE can now be seen with documentation available on the HPE web site. With its first Striim product’s brochure now live for all NonStop users to download, HPE is ensuring that NonStop users can turn to Striim with confidence for all and any streaming and integration requirements. The above product overview quote has been taken directly from this new joint HPE and Striim product brochure and if you would like to read the full story then simply follow this hyperlink to download the pdf –

HPE and Striim – HPE NonStop Systems & Striim product brochure

HPE has subtitled this product brochure, “Striim has access to the right tools, processes, and resources to help our joint customers accelerate innovation and transformation that brings value, achieves business needs, and increases revenue and market share.” In so doing, it highlighted how “Striim supports continuous, non-intrusive change data capture from, and delivery to, SQL/MX, SQL/MP, and Enscribe running on HPE NonStop servers. It also offers real-time data ingestion from other enterprise databases, log files, messaging systems, and sensors, and delivers to HPE Vertica and other Big Data solutions, databases, cloud environments, and messaging systems with sub-second latency. With built-in filtering, aggregation, transformation, enrichment with external data for data-in-motion, streaming analytics, live dashboards, and alerting capabilities, it provides in-time, in-context insights.”

If you are unable to access this pdf via the hyperlink above, simply cut and paste the following link into your favorite browser –

As for what you can read on the Striim web site and should you prefer to see a graphical representation of all that Striim provides the Nonstop user, then check out Striim’s own product brochure, Streaming Integration for HPE NonStop Servers

striim nov 20 - 2

Striim offers streaming data integration with low-impact CDC for HPE NonStop databases.

Of particular interest to the NonStop community and in response to numerous requests, the ability to transform or enrich data has been deemed important to realizing the value of data that enterprises value most highly. “While moving the data, Striim can deliver it ‘as-is,’ or perform a series of transformations and enrichments on data-in-motion to create exactly the data structure and output needed. Through SQL-based continuous queries, Striim can process filter, aggregate, transform, join, and enrich multiple streams of real-time data from HPE NonStop and other data sources.”

The above process explanation has been taken directly from this Striim product brochure and if you would like to read the full story then simply follow the hyperlink (highlighted above) to download the pdf. If you are unable to access this pdf via the hyperlink above, simply cut and paste the following link into your favorite browser –

To all those registered to attend the upcoming All-Digital Experience, make sure you sit in on the virtual presentation, the ABC’s of Affordable Business Critical Compute being given by Pyalla Technologies Cofounder, Richard Buckle. This takes content from the research note published in the August issue of this digital magazine, NonStop Insider. It is in this presentation that you will find references made to Striim and to observations made on the value Striim, as a member of the NonStop ecosystem, provides NonStop customers. Look for session “The ABCs of NonStop TCO” Sponsored by HPE that is scheduled under US TRACK 2 – Wed – 11/18 @7:30am – Pacific Time.

And should you have any questions for Striim during this upcoming NonStop event, we are putting together plans to hold virtual gathering hallway conversations. Just let us know of your interest to participate and we will provide an update shortly. Until then and in these troubled times, be safe as we trust you adjust as we are doing, to the normalcy we all are witnessing.

Ferhat Hatay, Ph.D.

Sr. Director of Partnership and Alliances, Striim, Inc.