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Striim delivering to NonStop an orchestration of services unique to mission-critical applications!



In a few days, Striim will be taking the short trip from Palo Alto to the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. This is the venue for the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp, 2017, where you will find us in the Partner Pavilion – look for our Booth, #52.. Check out some familiar faces while you are there and in case you have missed recent updates and blog posts from Striim, we now have multiple NonStop customers, not forgetting HPE and its own IT data center where today you will find Striim fully operational.

We have built a new demonstration / presentation we are hopeful will have many members of the NonStop community – vendors as well as users – thinking more about the value that can come from incorporating into your solutions a fully integrated streaming analytics platform. If you missed our latest post to the Striim blog, Striim CTO Steve Wilkes in Denver; Why streaming analytics is a must! it is really is a must-read for any member of the NonStop community prior to participation in Boot Camp. Why? Well for starters, you will get a great overview of just how many open source products you would need to download and integrate to build an equivalent platform and still not have support for all the targets Striim supports today!

Important for the NonStop platform is that “Striim, out-of-the-box, involves providing what Steve (Wilkes) referred to as the “glue-code” – all that is need to cluster, scale, be reliable and secure and yes, have all the associated monitoring and management that any crucial subsystem is expected to have. Even with this architecture fully embraced, you still need to add the human element – the UI. Both graphical and command line interfaces are important as well as a comprehensive set of dashboards to display the all-important in-memory analytics produced by your streaming analytics platform. Getting the picture?”

Striim Nov 17 (1)

What will be demoed this year at TBC?  According to Robert Buencamino, who will be leading the Striim delegation at Boot Camp, “Traditionally, on the Nonstop platform, data protection and recovery strategy are built around physical hardware often hosted inside remote disaster recovery data centers. This DR strategy poses several challenges for enterprise IT and Operations, among them are production and DR resources compatibility, unproven recovery time objectives, ability of DR resources to scale on demand, the availability of consistent databases with validated data integrity.” No suprises here really for anyone who has in place pretty restrictive SLAs that demand evidence that remote sites aren’t falling behind primary sites when it comes to applying changes to the data base.

“At Striim it has been our observation of late that enterprises oftentimes struggle with addressing availability of their mission critical services at scale during a disaster contingency. With the Nonstop to vNonstop Data Synergy solution we address the business issues of continuous services availability while plugging the technology gap related to database availability, consistency and integrity for Nonstop, vNonstop and open source database platforms.”

Striim Nov 17 (2)

What will stand out in most NonStop attendees minds will be how well “STRIIM delivers to Nonstop an orchestration of services providing enterprise applications and databases the unique advantage of mission-critical availability while leveraging commodity infrastructure at scale,” said Buencamino.  “With STRIIM Change Data Capture (CDC) and Kafka technology, Nonstop continuous availability extends data distribution persistence to OLTP and OLAP databases, creating a broad offering of fault-tolerant, cost-effective business intelligence and analytics services enabling the transformational potential of big data for the Nonstop enterprise ecosystem.”

And this will only be a part of what is covered at TBC as there are numerous real world case studies involving the deployment of Striim among users deploying NonStop systems. This may be the first time you give Striim an in-depth look but it has become one of the most important contributions made to your attendance and after all, TBC is known for the surprises it produces and Striim may prove to be among the biggest this year. Look forward to seeing you all and remember, come see us in the Partner Pavilion, Booth # 52

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