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Striim delivers best in class in-flight data processing via industry leading streaming analytics platform




One of the unique characteristics of the NonStop community is its willingness to give everyone a fair go. It’s just the way the NonStop community behaves and this willingness can be traced back to the early days of Tandem Computers where all major development initiatives were instigated only after consensus had been reached among those directly involved in the program. This has been well documented and for any start-up, it is a necessity to ensure everyone is on board and willing to contribute for the betterment of the team.

However, when it comes to the many claims proffered by NonStop vendors today, this very same NonStop community that for years has been willing to give everyone a go has developed latent cynicism traits such as the use of phrases like “the only,” or “exclusive to us,” let alone “truly unique!” Be that as it may, there are a number of NonStop vendors that do bring something completely different to the table. However, we have all been a witness to just how quickly HPE NonStop development has been responding to market and technology changes and it is opening up opportunities for middleware and infrastructure vendors that in many cases is simply new to NonStop. Much of this is taking place as HPE pursues its primary strategy of simplifying transformation to hybrid IT and hybrids, by nature embracing heterogeneity, is not just opening up to these opportunities but attracting some timely products that should greatly enhance the capabilities of NonStop in this changing world.

Among such entrants with something completely different and yes, bringing to the NonStop community something that is truly unique, is Striim. The background of Striim is well-known, being a start-up that quickly became home to a number of former GoldenGate architects and technologists and this background in NonStop is being leveraged. However, before you begin second-guessing what Striim is providing, rest assured while it leveraged GoldenGate it is not just another GoldenGate – perhaps the only component that offered any opportunity for leverage is the Change Data Capture (CDC) model for accessing data in flight and with that, Striim provided support of NonStop right out of the gate!

If you have been second guessing Striim and considered it just another infrastructure proponent, take a good look at the Striim web site. Perhaps to better adjust your way of looking at Striim, you should check out the tab for Use Cases where some fifteen different, extremely important and very viable use cases are presented. On the other hand, checking out the home page will highlight the Solutions tab that will take you to specifics showcasing the unique attributes of Striim where among the nine solutions showcased you will find several that will be of importance to NonStop users. And perhaps there is no solution more important to the NonStop community today, given HPE’s focus on hybrid IT, than REAL-TIME DATA INTEGRATION: Capture the True Power of Big Data, Cloud and IoT

As you will see highlighted in the material that follows, having access to timely data regardless of where it resides is a must-have to run your business operations smoothly, including data being generated on NonStop systems. Striim offers the foundation for a modern, streaming data architecture, and easily integrates your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, on-premises or in the cloud, with sub-second latency. Yes, that includes NonStop SQL, Enscribe, System Files and Logs. With Striim, you can easily migrate to a next-generation infrastructure by integrating and analyzing data across cloud, Big Data, and IoT devices without getting locked in to a single topology.

Three things jump right off the web page with this summary: access to “timely data” regardless of where it resides; foundation for “modern, streaming data architecture”; easily “migrate to a next-generation infrastructure”. The more quickly you move past the slideware of other offerings the sooner you come to realize just how powerful Striim is and how meaningful it will be for every NonStop user. Acknowledged by industry analysts, including Gartner who last summer praised how “Striim combines multiple in-memory computing components in a single, converged in-memory computing architecture.” In fact, Striim is listed in the report as providing solutions in four out of the five main categories of in-memory computing, enabling companies to immediately migrate toward a unified IMC architecture. You can read more of this in the post of June 16, 2017, Striim Recognized in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for In-Memory Computing Technologies.

Yes, this in-memory computing components run off platform even as the CDC components run on NonStop but the outcomes can be fed to practically anything, from data warehouses and lakes to transaction processing systems like NonStop systems. Striim can turn around results for real time consumption back on NonStop whereby transaction processing can integrate detected behavior changes with transactions in flight and in real time. You bought those diapers – do you want the discount on the six-pack of beer as you know, it’s ten o’clock at night! Nothing else in the NonStop marketplace comes close to delivering on this type of capability. It is completely different from all other product offerings and is truly unique among solutions available today for NonStop!

If you need to know more about Striim and its unique capabilities when it comes to supporting mission critical transaction processing on NonStop, you can contact the Striim team at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Katherine Rincon | Senior Vice President, Marketing
d 650.241.0680 x215 |
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