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Striim; from HPE NonStop on-prem databases to integration with Clouds and more, Striim covers all the bases!




striim june 19 - 1

The recent European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC) for the HPE NonStop community that was hosted by the local BITUG Regional User Group (RUG) gave Striim an opportunity to revisit the value proposition of Striim to the NonStop community; for some, it’s been a while since they heard about Striim, the product, in its present form. There is no question at all about the NonStop community’s knowledge of Striim, but even so, it is important for every member of the NonStop community to understand just how far Striim has come from earlier product iterations back when the company was first introduced as WebAction.

This year’s ETBC in Edinburgh was well attended. “The NonStop community remains vibrant and clearly continues to have strong support from HPE; new product releases continue to be provided even as we see greater internal NonStop deployments being made by HPE’s own IT organization, ” said Cy Erbay, Senior Director at Striim who gave the Striim presentation at the event. “NonStop customers are interested in greater levels of integration with wider IT Infrastructure, Big Data, Real-time Monitoring, Stream Processing and Analytics all of which is to say, there is a real appreciation within the NonStop of all the benefits that come from deploying Striim.”

It is important too that ill-formed assumptions aren’t made or misunderstandings left uncorrected. HPE has made a strategic decision to “Simplify the transformation to Hybrid IT,” even as it pursues technology solutions at the core and the edge. Presentations about the digital core focus on Cloud computing, including the take up among enterprise users of private clouds, whereas the presentations about the edge feature a variety of products under the umbrella of the Intelligent Edge. At either end of the product portfolio, be that at the core or the edge, HPE knows the value that comes with operational analytics and is now shining a much stronger light on the subject – data may have become the currency of business, but all too easily data can become nothing more than “digital exhaust” if not analyzed wherever it is generated.

striim june 19 - 2

Striim is very much at ease with this strategy of HPE as it fits well with Striim’s own strategy. As the Striim presentation given to ETBC attendees by Cy Erbay, Senior Director at Striim, this model of Hybrid IT encompassing the core, the edge and yes, analytics (in this case, operational analytics), support for streaming data is paramount. “Streaming Integration has emerged as a major infrastructure requirement,” said Erbay. “In the real time transaction processing world where NonStop has a presence, data arrives in streams more so than in batches. But this data has to get to other platforms before real value can be derived and this means having critical streaming integration infrastructure in place that streams data for clouds, for Hadoop and for real-time applications such as Kafka, Cassandra, Kudu, and more.”

Key to the success of Striim is that, at its very heart, it leverages traditional Change Data Capture (CDC) techniques. “You need to use CDC,” for capturing data Erbay told ETBC attendees. “CDC enables non-intrusive collection of streaming database changes by Striim agents running on NonStop rather than depending on alternate techniques such as timestamps or triggers.” As for the Striim Streaming Platform itself, it comes with a lot of intelligence, including much that is predefined for ease of deployment with perhaps the most significant tool of all – the support of initial integration and then analytics via Web UI data flow creation where NonStop is fully supported. Not surprising for many NonStop users, Striim is currently deployed within HPE’s own IT and plays a role in the Oracle to NonStop SQL migrations and subsequent deployments.


smru june 19 - 3

In case you haven’t stayed on top of all the sources and target supported by Striim today, the slide above (and used in the presentation at ETBC), lists what Striim supports today out of the box. Again, HPE NSK – a reference to NonStop SQL MX (and MP) as well as Enscribe – is included as a source (and yes, just ask us about NonStop being a target as well if this is in your plans) all of which is just one more way where we can highlight just how comprehensive a solution Striim is today. Perhaps, as a member of the NonStop community you have not had the opportunity to discuss of late the value Striim can provide your enterprise or not been aware of the reasons why “there have been over 200 installs of Striim across Financial Services, Telco, Healthcare, Retail, and manufacturing with more than half of these now in full production.”

If you attended ETBC and missed catching up with the Striim team, then just give us a call or email us as we would really welcome the opportunity to discuss the business needs of your enterprise. HPE truly does get it when it comes to strategy and their support for the core and the edge are widely recognized by the industry even as more and more enterprises pursue a strategy of their own that embraces these elements. Isn’t it time then to take a really good look at Striim as your integration infrastructure? We look forward to hearing from you shortly and expect to see us at more RUG events as they are being held around the world.


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