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Striim in the real time world

NonStop is a valuable well providing a wealth of data!




For the NonStop community that has seen Striim participating in NonStop events, including the NonStop Technical Boot Camp, the question often arises – does Striim run on NonStop? Quickly followed by – does Striim support NonStop SQL/MX (as though this is a litmus test concerning depth of knowledge about NonStop)? Of course, the real story lies with just how rich an offering Striim has become when you look at the role it is now playing in the middle of an IT world trying to balance the needs of the edge with the optimal configuration of the data center with or without cloud computing.

striim oct 18

So what does Striim do? Based on the graphic above, it utilizes tried-and-true Change Data Capture (CDC) techniques that support data ingestion from real-time processes and can deliver to different data storage and data analytics products in real time. According to what we can read on the Striim web site:

Striim’s patented software combines real-time data ingestion, stream processing, pipeline monitoring, and real-time delivery with validation in a single product. It continuously ingests a wide variety of high-volume, high-velocity data from enterprise databases –via low-impact change data capture— log files, messaging systems, Hadoop, cloud applications, and IoT devices in real time.

Striim performs in-flight data processing such as filtering, transformations, aggregations, masking, and enrichment of streaming data with reference data before delivering with sub-second latency to diverse environments, in the cloud or on-premise.  Striim offers built-in pipeline monitoring and validation capabilities to trace and confirm the ingestion, processing, and delivery of streaming data.

If you are a NonStop user and see PowerPoint slides featuring big data, data lakes, streaming analytic platforms, dashboard, etc. At first, it is all overwhelming. Or, as blogger Samina Partapurwala observed in her May 8, 2018, post, My Big Data Journey, “When I started my Big Data journey, I was overwhelmed, quite easily and very quickly, by all the new technologies, terminologies and touchpoints I was encountering. Squoop, Splunk, Striim, Storm, Scribe, Hbase, Hive, Hue Pig etc., and they were Latin and Greek to me.  Ahhh!!!”

However, in light of the slides and quotes above, NonStop users need to know that Striim ensures mission-critical data generated by transaction processing taking place on NonStop not only enables real-time collection via CDC, but also in-stream processing with validation:

Striim can also pre-process and extract features suitable for machine learning before continually delivering training files to Hadoop. Models built using Hadoop technologies can be brought into Striim, so real-time insights can guide operational decision making and truly transform the business.

Perhaps the best explanation of Striim in-action is to consider a series of pipelines similar to oil and gas lines. The source lies deep underground and there are refineries nearby. Picture these pipes having viewing windows that allow you to watch everything that passes through the pipes. Also, picture these pipes having access ports equipped with gloves, as we often see in use by scientists working with radioactive material, and that similarly, when the situation calls for it, anything passing through the pipes can be manipulated in real time.

Striim enables real-time data pipelines, the windows and ports, and provides the gloves. Striim is also the wellheads at the source, and provides ports and valves that connect to the refinery. And yes, Striim can deploy multiple pipes simultaneously where the contents can flow in both directions – into the refinery and back to the source.

The NonStop community is seeing innovation and disruption taking place throughout the breadth of their technology infrastructure. To better serve their customers, they need to know more about their behavior and anticipate their every decision. On the one hand, it’s a scary thought to be the subject of such intense scrutiny. Yet, on the other hand it makes progress through our daily routines a lot easier.

Striim is playing a huge role by simplifying access to data and by supporting NonStop. Striim is helping companies recognize the wealth of information the data generated on NonStop represents. The oil flowing out of NonStop and through the pipes is the highest grade oil there is. If you would like to know more about streaming data integration for HPE NonStop into your Big Data solutions, make sure you reach out to the Striim team at any time!

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