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Striim is ready for IoT!

This year will see tentative steps being taken to embrace hybrids. New solutions will be driven by IoT – will you be ready for this eventuality?




Ever since Dr. Tim Chou gave the keynote presentation at last year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp it’s as if every other week he is posting to one web site or another. Missed in these exchanges, if you have been following them, may have been the news that Dr. Chou has been appointed to the board of Teradata – even though his early days, straight out of university, saw him working with Tandem Computers, he has enjoyed executive positions at Oracle and has returned to Stanford University as a lecturer. His most recent book publication, Precision: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things, is a must read for anyone with an interest in IoT.

Chou’s most recent blog post to the Avnet web site, Is IoT the killer app for cloud computing? Proves to be just one more take on what we can expect with the arrival of IoT. According to Dr. Chou, “the major wave to using compute and storage cloud computing will not be driven by migrating existing applications. Instead, as with the move to client/server, the driver will be building completely new applications. So what are these applications? And what will be the killer app for cloud computing? Perhaps IoT?” And this is a possibility that strikes a chord with all of us here at Striim. Big Data, data streams, real time stream analytics and information passing between disparate platforms is just something we see becoming normal for enterprises everywhere. Already the wheels have been set in motion at a number of sites – NonStop users included.

However the arrival of IoT and the need to mine the data coming from processes and sensors where pertinent information about the behavior of things as well as people, cannot ignore the systems already in place that are critical to the daily operation of the business. Spanning technology generations there is little likelihood that investments already made in technology will simply be abandoned. The prospect of a total rip-and-replace undertaking has any risk-averse CIO concerned over just how the arrival of IoT will be accommodated. The industry focus on hybrids whether they are in reference to combinations of public and private clouds or simply a combination of traditional technology with private clouds is therefore completely understandable. An overt appeal that perhaps incremental, or baby-steps, approaches to integrating IoT with current business logic is making a lot more sense to CIOs everywhere.

For enterprises running transaction processing solutions on NonStop systems at financial institutions, telcos and a number of manufacturing, transportation and media the path to such hybrid systems is made a lot easier with the availability of Striim. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Striim developers that NonStop now supports the Intel x86 architecture and that the deep port of NonStop to x86 that NonStop developers made, ensures a bright future for NonStop. The more recent news of the Virtualized NonStop software offering only enhances this potential for even greater future success of NonStop. As noted in that previous post to NonStop Insider already referenced, these changes are tying in nicely with where Striim sees considerable interest in IoT. “The edge processing power of the Striim platform running on a gateway based on the Intel® x86 architecture, offers efficiency and expediency to the development and deployment of IoT applications,” Steve Wilkes, Co-founder and CTO, Striim, posted back in December. “With the power of the Intel® x86 technology, the Striim agent can seamlessly ingest, processes and analyze data in real time, generating insights in milliseconds.”

IoT will more than likely drive adoption of cloud computing within IT simply because of the affordable elasticity of provisioning that comes with embracing clouds. If as yet you haven’t read the product update on the Striim web site, Internet of Things: Managing the Complexities of Extreme Data Volume and Velocity then we encourage you to do so – the NonStop community isn’t immune to what is likely coming their way. This article contains a startling observation but one every NonStop user should realize. “The ultimate risk to IoT companies of being unable to process, visualize and act upon such high-volume, high-velocity data is simply being ‘Too Late’. Too late to prevent a shipment of fresh produce from spoiling. Too late to understand that half of the sensors in an oil field are offline. Too late to alert someone that their car has an oil leak before it throws a rod. Too late to make a marketing offer at an emotional inflection point. Too late to correlate multiple events to realize there’s been a security breach on a wearable device.”

But here’s the good news for the NonStop community. Striim can run within hybrid systems – combinations of NonStop and Linux come to mind. Striim can run within the cloud – private or public. And yes, Striim can also run on edge products filtering the alarms and events close to the source. As such, there are multiple ways to deploy Striim to better ensure only what is meaningful makes it to the solutions running in real time on NonStop systems. Striim ensures that these solutions only see what they need to see – filtering high-volume, high-velocity data that is heading their way is not only a must but a reasonable expectation and NonStop users have already started embracing Striim for this purpose. Traditional NonStop systems as part of hybrid NonStop and private (or even public) clouds, front-ended by edge products that with the x86 option may even be running Virtualized NonStop are coming to data centers very soon – even to your data center. And yes, we see Striim as an integral part of this evolution as it not only reduces the risks of disruption CIOs fear but increases the potential for new business opportunities every enterprise is anticipating with the arrival of IoT.

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