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Striim: Leveraging Change Data Capture (CDC) your NS SQL data can now move to wherever! The choice is yours …




striim oct 2020 - 1

It is now officially fall here in the Northern Hemisphere and a time to watch wildlife making a move. All around us flocks of geese can be seen beginning to lift from nearby ponds and lakes in search of warmer weather. Flying in unison, as a murmuration, they provide a magnificent sight as the evening approaches. With the arrival of fall there has been a lot of attention being directed at technology companies – who could have imagined that there would be that level of frenzy among financial types taking place as Snowflake went public?

HPE may be talking up the arrival of the age of insight even as businesses look to better understand the data they are creating, but even in these times of a global pandemic few businesses are prepared to lift off the gas and weather the outcome from missing an opportunity to grow. For the NonStop community it has always been about responding to end-user interactions in real time, round the clock and without interruptions planned or unplanned. However, the bigger question has to be how best to ensure data created on NonStop can be integrated with platforms tasked with providing insight?

If you haven’t as yet turned to the Partner pages on the Striim web site and tabbed down to the entry for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, you may have missed reading the NonStop specific data sheet, Striim for HPE Nonstop or not had the opportunity to listen to the webinar, Embracing Hybrid IT and Advanced Analytics in HPE NonStop Environments. Today, there is so much more going on that you may find it hard to keep up – yes, NonStop users running NS SQL/MX know that Striim “supports mission-critical operations with data that requires timely integration with databases, data warehouses, Kafka, Hadoop and NoSQL systems, on premises or in the cloud.”

In the real-time environments where you will find NonStop systems deployed, the fault tolerance provided is inclusive of the hardware, the OS stack and middleware and the database. NonStop SQL/MX (NS SQL) was designed and implemented as the world’s very first continuously operable SQL database. No need to take offline for any purpose – maintenance, running statistics, anything. All access and maintenance is supported while the database remains online.

It is with this in mind that NonStop users are realizing the value that comes from deploying a low-impact, Change Data Capture (CDC) methodology that allows Striim to ingest data as its created without impacting the performance of mission-critical applications running 24 x 7. For Striim to leverage its unique capabilities in this manner and support these mission-critical applications was a major undertaking as no success in this marketplace could ever be assumed if the CDC methodology employed compromised the overall availability signature of NonStop.

Re-reading the Striim data sheet only further highlights just how flexible Striim is today in terms of target environments. Whereas in the past these targets were often simply other SQL implementations such as SQL_Server or Oracle databases, today the targets have been expanded to include cloud platforms. With the variety of data and processing capabilities on offer from cloud service providers, it was only natural for Striim to step and support “databases, data warehouses, Kafka, Hadoop and NoSQL systems, on premises or in the cloud.”

striim oct 2020 - 2

Striim offers streaming data integration with low-impact CDC for HPE NonStop databases.

Media attention has been focused of late on the IPO of cloud-centric data and analytics platform, Snowflake. Setting a new high for an initial launch price, it was clear that even the most reluctant of industry analysts realized that something very big was taking place. And the news doesn’t stop with just this announcement as today, NonStop users can deploy Striim to better migrate NS SQL data to Snowflake using the same CDC methods as for SQL_Server, Oracle and many others.

Striim has made this real easy to do by becoming a Snowflake partner and to ensure NonStop users can turn to the Snowflake Partner Connect. Yes, “we’re happy to announce that Striim is now available as a cloud service directly on Snowflake Partner Connect.” If you would like more information as to how best to go about testing Striim in data integration from NS SQL to Snowflake scenario, then check out the second of a multipart post to the Striim blog, Announcing Striim on Snowflake Partner Connect.

The seasons are changing and birds are taking flight. Opportunities and experiences abound once wings are stretched and eyes are set on the horizon. For many in the NonStop community, NS SQL remains the premier database in support of real-time mission critical applications. As we get deeper into the age of insight, it’s quite liberating to know that Striim can handle whatever moves you care to contemplate. Isn’t it time to mobilize and monetize on your freshly created data on NonStop and serve the needs of your business in these most-competitive of times?

Ferhat Hatay, Ph.D.

Sr. Director of Partnership and Alliances, Striim, Inc.