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Striim makes it into CRN’s 2017 Big Data 100 list!




Coming off a hectic April where it seemed as though one event followed another almost every week, we have started May, 2017, with the news that Striim has been named to CRN’s 2017 Big Data 100 list. We cover this in a post to the Striim web site blog, Striim Recognized as an Innovator on CRN’s 2017 Big Data 100 List . Being recognized in this fashion comes on the heels of similar high-praise coming from Gartner for In-Memory Computing Technologies as well as a webinar where Forrester Research was a guest participant and where the topic included descriptions of how “streaming analytics solutions are combating external attacks, malicious insiders, and fraud!”

This most recent announcement by CRN included the important observation by Robert Faletra, CEO of The Channel Company, that, “Businesses everywhere are faced with managing information streams of unprecedented volume and complexity, requiring more powerful and efficient tools than ever before for capturing, storing, organizing, securing and analyzing data.” Expanding on this further, the folks at CRN expressed pleasure in presenting “The 2017 Big Data 100, a list of vendors whose ingenuity and crea!tive problem-solving have introduced remarkable new ways to help solution providers tackle this mammoth task. Congratulations to these Big Data aces, who have not only kept pace with the rapidly evolving demands of the data management field, but also innovated and challenged the status quo.” And it’s all happening at a time when business knows there is more that they can do other than to dump data into the cloud!

Last year, Google began sowing the seeds for the arrival of Cloud 2.0 and among the observations Google made according to a May 24, 2016, article Google says welcome to the Cloud 2.0 published in ComputerWorld, “Now CIOs want to do more than store their data and run their apps in the cloud. They want to use that crush of data to figure out business issues … The 2.0 of the cloud is the data and understanding the data. Now that you’re in the cloud, how do you take advantage of it so your business can operate at a whole new level.” Whether or not you are in agreement with Google, it’s hard to ignore their assessment of the importance of coming to an understanding of how best to take advantage of your data and this is where Striim comes to the fore – Striim is a more powerful and efficient tool when it comes to capture and analysis.

There are members of the NonStop user community already engaged in the rollout of Striim in production environments. And if you make it to upcoming NonStop user group events you will hear a lot more about what these NonStop users are relying on Striim for – yes, there is data, data everywhere, but too much to consume to better serve the business. As Google executives told ComputerWorld, “The revolution of the cloud is about the economics of scale … It’s really about data. All of a sudden everybody can share the data… We’ve turned a corner in how we think.” To better communicate the message of Striim to a wider audience than what is typical at a NonStop user event, the company participated in this year’s Hannover Messe – the traditional big European fair that predates CeBIT. Whereas CeBIT is the global event for Digital Business, this year’s Messe focused on Industrie 4.0 showcasing those vendors with the potential to enhance the digital factory.

In the post to the Striim blog of April 23, 2017, Striim Joins Microsoft, Statistica, Fujitsu, Dell at Hannover Messe Striim took advantage of the occasion to showcase “a wide variety of real-time IoT integration and analysis solutions to address the needs of Industrie 4.0.” Furthermore, in joining with Microsfoft, Striim was able to “Highlight a demo of our integrated solution enabling the continuous exchange and analysis of IoT data across all levels of an IoT infrastructure. This solution, which provides an edge-to-cloud smart data architecture, helps fulfill the Industrie 4.0 promise of enabling industries to be more intelligent, efficient and secure.”

Coming at a time when HPE is openly talking about key strategic areas of Hybrid IT and Edge / IoT, it is worthwhile knowing that Striim is already heavily invested in helping business capitalize on the data that is arriving without letup. NonStop participation in both Hybrid IT as well as potentially Edge / IoT is still being discussed among developers and IT professionals but the good news here is not only can Striim help NonStop participation flourish and prove meaningful, there are major industry organizations who understand what Striim can provide and are only too willing to reward Striim with substantial industry and media recognition.

Cloud 2.0 may be in its infancy but as more and more businesses come to appreciate that the cloud isn’t just about storing data and running applications but rather, making sense of it all then there are enterprises who will expect a lot more from the cloud. Will we see Cloud 2.0 include NonStop? Some vendors have already gone down this path so it’s a distinct possibility but only in the context where business cannot afford to be left idling with a Cloud that has gone offline. It’s been a very busy month with events taking place worldwide that have provided Striim with a forum to announce new relationships and new features. We will continue to be present at major NonStop events and if you happen to see us, by all means, drop by for a discussion and you can always follow us on social media. Should you want more information and happen to miss catching up with us, feel free to call us or send us an email at any time.

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