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Striim needs bigger cabinets – awards keep coming its way

And this continues to grab the attention of the NonStop community!




A recent post to LinkedIn by Striim CTO and Founder, Steve Wilkes, reminded me of an exchange I had with an up-and-coming teenage race driver a few years ago. In a December 1, 2014, post to my social blog, Buckle-Up-Travel Nothing sidelined us in 2014 – track time was down but road time was very much up! I wrote of how young Colton Herta made a very quick trip to Sepang, Malaysia, for an impromptu run in the highly competitive Asia Cup series for open wheel race cars. This is the same track as the Formula One drivers had been using up until the end of this year so Herta was going to mix it up with others who had been driving in the series for a couple of months. The results were very impressive for the 14 year old novice – winning pole, placing first and adding another three podium finishes before he had to leave for home, here in the U.S.

When asked how he went, his immediate response was something along the lines of “Well, I guess I will have to buy more bags to bring home all the trophies!” Herta now runs in Indy Lights and last year won the Rookie of the Year award along with winning outright the 400th running of an Indy Lights race and he still wasn’t 17 years old. So, reading the post by Wilkes where he said how “It was a great honor to receive the Aragon Research award in AI and Streaming Analytics on behalf of Striim last night” I couldn’t resist adding the comment, “I think Striim is going to need a bigger cabinet to hold all their awards!”

However, Striim wasn’t quite finished with the awards as just a short time later you could read a post to the Striim blog, Striim Platform Recognized as a ‘Trend-Setting Product for 2018’ by DBTA. As Striim blogger, Ryan Siss, noted, “This is an important list for Striim to be recognized on because the current landscape for enterprise data management calls for real change. Data is being generated at such an incredible rate that it’s detrimental for organizations not to begin modernizing their infrastructure to collect, process, and analyze data the moment it’s born.” So yes, my observation about Striim needing a bigger cabinet to hold all their awards is proving close to the mark.

In fact, if you take a look at the posts to the Striim blog, you will see just how many awards Striim has won of late as each has been the subject of a post. Among the awards you will find –

Striim Wins Big in the Datanami Readers’ Choice Awards

Why Striim Is Repeatedly Recognized as the Best IoT Solution

Aragon Research Highlights Striim as a 2017 Hot Vendor in Streaming Analytics

Striim Wins “IoT Innovative Product/Solution of the Year”

Striim Recognized as an Innovator on CRN’s 2017 Big Data 100 List

Recognize the pattern that is forming – just like young Herta in car racing – Striim is emerging to be a real presence in the streaming analytics platform marketplace and for the NonStop community, where already Striim has begun to make its presence felt, these wins cannot be ignored. All too often when dealing with the NonStop community, there is a reluctance to acknowledge superior products and solutions. The mantra of giving everyone an opportunity is all well and good but occasionally, one vendor we may be familiar with begins to stand out and this is what is transpiring with Striim – simply stated, it’s product offering is outstanding and deserves a much closer look whenever questions about analytics comes up.

At this time last year, Striim posted to the January 2017 issue of NonStop Insider the article, Striim rocks the awards season. These awards “all recognize just how technologically advanced the Striim solution is even as they give credence to just how well Striim understands the marketplace,” said Striim.  “Big data, stream analytics, IoT – maybe not all items immediately associated with NonStop and yet, where HPE is taking NonStop in 2017, all apply and it’s a positive sign for the NonStop community that early adoption of Striim among NonStop users has commenced.” But here is the point, with virtualized NonStop workloads becoming a real option and where databases on NonStop are supported as sources for processing by the Striim streaming analytics platform, there is absolutely no reason why Striim shouldn’t be evaluated to perform analytics anywhere from the edge to the cloud.

Hybrid NonStop and Linux virtualized workloads can run on any x86 server where RoCE is supported so there really isn’t any limit as to where you may find NonStop running in the future. This should strike a positive chord with the NonStop community and it continues to be important to stress the enormous benefits here for the NonStop community. The Striim team knows NonStop better than perhaps any other vendor working in this marketplace and as HPE has announced that its intent is to provide analytics solutions via partners, how many more awards must Striim win before you take notice?

You may not find time to drop by the Striim offices in Palo Alto or be inclined to check out their trophy cabinet but it is definitely something I plan on doing shortly. And if by chance I run into you while doing so, remember, the Striim team really has taken to heart the needs of the NonStop community and warrant further investigation. After all, it is no mean feat to win as many awards as Striim’s Team has in such a short time – and they have only just started!

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