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Striim: NonStop users know not to stick rusty pipes into well-oiled machines!




striim jan 21

Business critical is the environment where NonStop systems has served with distinction. The global pandemic has highlighted that now almost all applications have become business critical. Going beyond business critical, many services are even deemed “essential”.  The pandemic has triggered a massive and expansive transformation of our work, business, and social lives. The online services and experiences have become most pervasive and routine. Almost all interactions between individuals and organizations, whether they are customers, partners, workers, or even constituents of our civil society are facilitated online, remotely, and around the clock. What may have once been viewed as operating strictly during “business hours” has long since left the vocabulary and in doing so, has placed greater emphasis on both the quality and availability of key infrastructure components.

HPE NonStop systems in support of mission critical applications, as HPE proudly points out, is where data is created. More than just being created, with the presence of market-leading SQL implementation, more often than not NonStop is where data lives and thrives. NonStop SQL has become popular among major enterprises on this basis including at HPE where HPE IT has deployed NonStop SQL at the very center of its IT operations.

With data being created and then living on NonStop, Striim has become the pipe that moves data in and out of NonStop on a continuous basis. It is with Striim as the pipe, this bidirectional flow of data can occur in real time and in doing so, greatly helps those enterprises looking to uncover greater business insights. Such insights require data analytics to be likewise performed in real time and the freshest of data is prized most of all and there is no fresher data than that created on NonStop. At Striim we have recognized that among the many options available to an enterprise, NonStop remains the gold standard when it comes to servicing data and transactions literally non-stop.

Across the NonStop community this is well understood and indeed, greatly appreciated even as it has driven decades of dependency on the presence of NonStop within IT organizations. It is then just as apparent to these enterprises that having the gold standard in mission critical processes that you don’t go out and install rusty and clunky pipes to this well-oiled machine we lovingly know as the HPE NonStop system. Taking the imagery one step further, no enterprise wants to stick a pipe into NonStop only to see it become clogged and fail to serve the data where it is  needed for business critical and essential services.

Those within the NonStop community that have depended upon the presence of NonStop know only too well that any system is only as good as its weakest link. For decades this has led to many organizations being reluctant to connect anything at all to their NonStop system that might in any way compromise its ability to run 24 x 7. Each and every component that goes into a NonStop system is duplicated, backed-up by redundant components, and much more all simply to ensure that there is no single point of failure.  The notion of a single point of failure is something that needs to be avoided if all those 9s of availability are to be realized from their highly available system. Over time and with many deployments having been made, Striim is the perfect and most worthy technology to best complement your NonStop system whenever there is a need to integrate the data created on NonStop with systems that need to process the data and to do so, in the right way.

Striim today delivers the data integration and movement capabilities needed to move our data all without a single point of failure. Striim provides a modern, cloud age, distributed scale-out architecture delivering the enterprise features IT organizations expect from the most critical of mission critical deployments. But together, Non-Stop with Striim go beyond eliminating single points of failure as Striim brings with it reliability and scalability at levels the NonStop community are familiar with – and streamlined, end-to-end data integration reliability and scalability is the topic that was covered by Striim CTO Steve Wilkes:

Should you have any questions for Striim as a result of reading this article then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, the Striim team. We would be only too happy to hear from you, anytime and all the time.


Ferhat Hatay, Ph.D.
Sr. Director of Partnerships and Alliances, Striim, Inc.