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Striim Participating at NonStop Technical Boot Camp

The worlds of transaction processing and data stream analytics are on a collision course – find out more from the Striim Team at this year’s major NonStop event!




Participating in user events is always a good litmus test of just how positive a user community feels about the products, technologies and vendors. It’s hard to escape genuine excitement and passion when you encounter it, just as it’s easy to detect a community that is simply hanging on, hopeful for change even as they look to survive. When it comes to the NonStop community there’s one other element that always seems to apply; resilience, as through multiple mergers and name changes the NonStop community has always put on a good show.

However, (and perhaps of greater significance for Striim), the management team behind NonStop systems, the premier mission-critical processing transaction product in the HPE Enterprise product portfolio, is openly evangelizing the need to better integrate the worlds of transaction processing with data stream analytics. What’s changing in a processing environment is of importance for all involved in transactions, be they financial, retail, mobile or even the manufacturing of popular goods. Exploiting business opportunities as they arise, and responding in real time, puts distance between the companies that are doing well and those that are just getting by. And this is a message that isn’t lost on any CIO.

There has been much written about the difference between Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA), and how BI had more to do with examining the past whereas BA is about what is going on in front of you. “Perhaps, more importantly, what we are witnessing first hand is an elevated interest in better integrating the world of BA with NonStop solutions,” said Striim Cofounder and EVP, Sami Akbay. “It’s become evident of late that plans to scale back on NonStop investments may have been overstated, even as the expectation that CIOs would be more likely to invest in open platforms than in NonStop, resulting in many more queries coming to us from businesses heavily reliant on 24 X 7 transaction processing.”

The upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp represents just the latest opportunity for Striim to showcase its products before the NonStop community, and if past events are any indication, we expect a strong turnout by the NonStop user community. “We will be exhibiting at the annual Boot Camp that is to be held in San Jose. The expectation is that several hundred of the biggest users in the world of transaction processing solutions will be in attendance. This is a marketplace where Striim has become well known,” said Akbay. “If your plans include attending this year’s Boot Camp then look for us as we welcome every opportunity to explain the potential benefits of the Striim product to any business depending upon NonStop in support of their mission-critical transaction processing applications.”


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