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Striim Participation at NonStop Technical Boot Camp

2016 Boot Camp lived up to our expectations; IoT edge processing, data integration, analytics in the real world – the NonStop community is embracing Streaming Analytics




If last month we expressed optimism ahead of the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp, then having seen what transpired has validated such optimism. The attendance was up compared to previous years and while we are still reviewing the actual numbers, it looks as though the number inched up very close to 500. Of course, it doesn’t take a whole lot to happen to motivate the NonStop community to turn out for a good show, but all the same, it’s good to see reality matching expectations.

We also noted last month how resilient the NonStop community has remained. Through multiple mergers and name changes – and here I was reminded that this applied equally to HPE as it did to NonStop – the NonStop community remains staunch supporters of all things NonStop. And not without reason of course, as NonStop continues to provide an unmatched value proposition when it comes to fault tolerance. With the addition of a virtual NonStop (vNonStop) to what has been available for decades as a real NonStop, one needs to wonder if a virtual machine would be any more available than a real machine? We don’t think so …

As for Striim, we set up our booth in the exhibition hall close to HPE’s own display and we had ample opportunity to not only talk to NonStop users, but also to the HPE NonStop team. 2016 has been a significant milestone for Striim when it comes to NonStop, as now Striim is installed in a good number of NonStop sites. The use cases vary significantly. This isn’t entirely unexpected as our customers’ priorities determine just how these products are put to use. It’s encouraging to see that, even among the hardiest of NonStop users, the need to better integrate data and connect analytics, no matter how complex or simple, with transaction processing for better decision making is becoming more prevalent.

At 2016 Boot Camp, we heard numerous presentations on the Internet of Things (IoT) with more than one reference made to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). There was also greater attention devoted to machine learning as volume and complexity are pushing the boundaries of requiring human intervention. No longer considered a “nice to have” or something that remains years from fruition, the world of sensors is beginning to impact all our lives. It is apparent to even the most casual of observer that data flowing into any data center is reaching tsunami proportions. Left unchecked, timely decision making will be impossible to achieve. As Dr. Tim Chou noted in his keynote presentation at this event, Precision Planet, “Most data coming from sensors is ‘digital exhaust’,” making it necessary to have in place the underlying technology to best filter meaningful data from this vented exhaust.

Looking back at 2016 Boot Camp, it was obvious just how much progress has been made by HPE in one year. From talk of NonStop X to where NonStop X systems are in production. From talk of vNonStop to where demos are provided in the exhibition hall. And from talk of NS SQL with Oracle compatibility to where users actually made the migration.

If you did attend Boot Camp and you missed talking to us, then please feel free to contact us as there really isn’t any escaping the need to better integrate the world of real-time analytics with your transaction processing!

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