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Striim; Predicting what is in store for Clouds and Big Data, isn’t all Striim blogs about …

It also has become a great place to work!




Once again, Striim is making headlines.

Firstly, Striim CTO Steve Wilkes provided a unique perspective on Big Data and Business Intelligence with his post of March 4, 2019, to the Striim blog – 19 For 19: Technology Predictions For 2019 and Beyond, Striim This post first appeared as Striim’s 2019 Technology Predictions and was an article originally published on Forbes. As for the predictions themselves, Wilkes opened with:

2019 Technology Predictions for Cloud

For the NonStop community, this isn’t surprising to read given the work that has gone into what NonStop development has done in support of hypervisors such that a virtualized NonStop (vNS) option is now available and is not just suited to deployment on data center server farms but can be deployed on private clouds. With the recent support of VMware becoming available, vNS is set to exploit this rapid shift to clouds “for more critical, high-value workloads.”

As for Wilkes predictions for Big Data, he follows with these additional insights:

2019 Technology Predictions for Big Data

For the NonStop community where Big Data has been a topic for some time given how real-time transaction processing solutions that can be typically found running on NonStop generate data of importance for any enterprise and as such, will end up being moved into a data warehouse, data lake or whatever form Big Data takes within the enterprise. Key point to be made is that as Big Data is mined, and in turn feeds increasingly sophisticated AI algorithms, NonStop data provides insights into what is happening right now. And this is becoming recognized as an important contribution to Big Data.

To read all of the predictions made by Wilkes, make sure you check out his post, in case you missed reading the article in Forbes:

When it comes to making headlines, Striim not only appeared in Forbes but when it came time for Fortune to publish a list of best places to work in the Bay Area, Striim made the cut: Striim Recognized on FORTUNE’s “2019 Best Workplaces in the Bay Area” List. Here you will find a couple of the highlights from that Fortune article –

The rankings took into account more than 30,000 surveys by employees across the Bay Area, designed to evaluate more than 60 elements of an employee’s job and work environment, including trust in leadership, camaraderie in a team setting, and respect among colleagues. Employee perks and benefits were also factored into the rankings.

Striim scored high across the board in many categories including Justice (100 %), Camaraderie (98%), Integrity (96%), Credibility (96%), and Innovation (96%), just to name a few.

Additionally, according to the survey, the overall Striim employee experience was rated 96%.

Again to read about this and more if you missed reading about it in Fortune magazine, check out the post:

Coming as it is at a time when so much change is happening within the NonStop community as more options for running NonStop have become available, it’s good to know that Striim supports NonStop systems – traditional and virtualized – as sources for its Change Data Capture (CDC) technology and that data generated on NonStop can be integrated with multiple target platforms no matter the choices an enterprise may be making. For a complete list of targets – and it is updated regularly – check out the Striim web site at

For more on how Striim can help NonStop users better leverage Big Data don’t forget to check out this update on the Striim web site as well  – DETECTING PATTERNS AND ANOMALIES: Uncover Time-Sensitive Insights Fast . Should this be of interest to you then take advantage too of the free trial of Striim that can be downloaded directly from our web site. And if there is any other topic you would like to discuss with Striim you can always email or call us as we would be only too happy to discuss Striim with any member of the NonStop.

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