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Striim scores big when it counts

Number 1 in the Bay Area as a Workplace and Number 1 IoT Innovative Product of the Year




If you want to be an actor, your path will eventually take you to Hollywood or perhaps to Broadway. If you are really into advertising, then you will more than likely find yourself drawn to New York’s Madison Avenue. As for Fashion, it would be a toss-up between Paris and Milan. On the other hand, if you are into technology, then the chances are you have heard of Silicon Valley and you have made plans to move to where technology continues to attract talent at an unrelenting pace. There are other centers of technology – Seattle and Austin come to mind – but to have an opportunity to explore the biggest selection of opportunities, there is nothing quite like working in Silicon Valley.

Of course, companies are created, funded and oftentimes disbanded at a record pace. And this is only natural, as it takes a lot of elements to come together at exactly the right time for a company to move from a two page business plan to having skilled technicians to having paying customers. However, this continues to be the major drawcard for Silicon Valley – the opportunity to be on the ground floor of something really big. If you missed it, the Bay Area News Group, the largest publisher of newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area, including its flagship, the San Jose Mercury News, proclaimed Striim the #1 ranking in the Small Business category of the 2017 Top Workplaces annual list. To read more about this big win for Striim, check out the post of June 28, 2017, by Striim’s Marketing SVP, Katherine Rincon, Number 1. Top. Workplace.

This is Silicon Valley and a highly prized result in a very demanding locale. This is not a small community or a place where there is little competition. Other vendors through the years have published wins in this category elsewhere but the big win in Silicon Valley is way, way more meaningful. Once again Striim demonstrates both leadership of substance as well as style and across the board cooperation and support among a gifted group of developers. Furthermore, it’s all happening at the pointy end of the stick, of you like, in a part of the industry that so many vendors are turning their attention to real-time analytics and yes, not quite matching what Striim has achieved to-date.

Being a great place to work is just a starting point, however. A company not only needs to attract staff and gain recognition as a great place to work but it has to have a compelling story line concerning a new product or feature. In this case, Striim is considered among the leaders when it comes to delivering analytics in real time. It was only a few years ago that the story line behind Big Data was the support it provided for analysis of very large amounts of data, much of which wasn’t structured in a conventional sense. Unfortunately, this analysis could only be performed after the event, sometimes as far removed from any incident generating the data as the end of the month. From a product perspective, and of note for the HPE NonStop community, Striim can absolutely meet any requirements to bring the world of real-time analytics into play for any transaction solution that is central to your deployment of NonStop. And central, too, to your business interface with your customers!

Much has changed over the course of just a couple of years as it is now the expectation of businesses that there are products available that let them perform analysis in real time and to affect the outcome of a transaction already in-flight. This is of particular importance to businesses running transactional solutions on HPE NonStop systems. Almost always in a position to interact with customers as they perform a transaction, be that at an ATM, a POS, online from a laptop or PC or as is the case these days, from a smartphone or tablet. However, this is likely to be overshadowed in importance as IT turns to the coming tsunami that is the Internet of Things (IoT). With analytics being performed at points along the path to where the data destination is, as data for applications needing meaningful information, Striim has excelled in providing a solution.

So much so that it has picked up yet another award. Not only has it proved to be a great place to work, but its solution, Striim for IoT, is the best solution when it comes to providing “businesses with the ability to process the extreme volumes of IoT data they generate through in-flight filtering, transformation and aggregation at the edge. By being able to pull key data insights in real-time, at the edge, organizations are able to act upon only relevant IoT data, while reducing redundancy and limiting the amount of stored data on target systems.” Accordingly, Striim was selected as the 2017 IoT Innovative Product of the Year. To read the full story on how Striim scored this premier position, according to Compass Intelligence. check out the latest post by Katherine Rincon on June 29, 2017, Striim Wins “IoT Innovative Product/Solution of the Year”

Striim will continue to be present at major NonStop events and looks forward to participating at this year’s upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp to be held near their Palo Alto headquarters, at the Hyatt Hotel alongside San Francisco Airport. However if you cannot wait that long to find out more about how Striim and NonStop can work together to better serve your customers, feel free to call Katherine Rincon directly or simply send her an email at any time.

Katherine Rincon | Senior Vice President, Marketing
d 650.241.0680 x215 |
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