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Striim – The Fast Lane to Cloud Adoption




striim nov 19 - 1

Live events such as trade shows, conferences, and symposiums are integral to Striim’s marketing activities. During the year, the Striim Team has travelled extensively across countries and continents to be present at key industry events. Despite the importance and effectiveness of digital channels in reaching and engaging a vast audience, they are no substitute for face-to-face exchanges. In no other setting do you get the chance to discuss real business issues in-depth with customers and explore how these can be addressed in the requirements for future product features. Developing products in isolation has no merit over the long haul.

Recently, we attended “Big Data LDN” in London, a major data event that attracts a global audience, and provided Striim with a unique opportunity to convey key messages to an important audience. Cloud adoption offers enterprises of all sizes and across all industries greater agility and cost savings. It is not a question of if you should move to the cloud, but when and how much cloud can you leverage? We have spoken consistently on the importance of Change Data Capture to cloud adoption as a vehicle to move data from traditional systems to the cloud.

Hybrid IT is often described as a bridge between traditional or on-premise and cloud-based systems and applications. However, the design and properties of the bridge depends the requirements of those who must cross to the other side. Too small and traffic comes to a halt; too big and costs are never recovered. The same applies to bridges deployed to connect traditional or legacy applications and data with a public or private cloud.

striim nov 19 - 2

At Big Data LDN, Striim Cofounder and CTO Steve Wilkes spoke to attendees about “Why Change Data Capture is the Fast Lane to Cloud Adoption”. The Striim platform uses tested and proven CDC models to move real-time data. Nothing is less intrusive or carries a lighter footprint than a CDC approach to keeping cloud environments up-to-date with on-premises databases. This was very well received by NonStop community where products built around CDC models have been in place for many years.

One of the downsides with the frequency of major events is that some tend to overlap. Unfortunately, having been regular attendees in the past, we were unable to participate in the NonStop community’s major event, the NonStop Technical Boot Camp. From ETBC in Edinburgh, our social media feeds kept us updated and we were very pleased to see the event pulled quite the crowd. We were particularly intrigued by the Under40SIG “pub crawl”. Was this a formal label to a practice associated with the community dating back to ITUG Summits of the past?


striim nov 19 - 3

In a recent post, we highlighted Striim features that not only support enterprises that want to move quickly to cloud environments but require a fallback and indeed a contingency plan should their migration to the cloud involve many steps. In this article, Striim Introduces Bi-Directional Server for Data Modernization in Hybrid Cloud Deployments, reference is made to the new enhancements in Striim Release 3.9.7 to better accommodate Google Spanner, Azure Synapse, Azure Cosmos DB, MySQL, MariaDB.

“We have seen a significant uptick in hybrid cloud projects recently, especially in the retail industry. Responding to requests from marquee customers who use Striim to enable their hybrid cloud infrastructure, our engineering team has delivered a robust bi-directional data replication offering,” said Alok Pareek, Co-Founder and EVP of Product at Striim. “These enterprise customers finally have a next-generation, zero-downtime, zero-data-loss solution for online phased database migrations, allowing them to seamlessly run their new cloud environments in parallel with the legacy systems for a gradual transition for their end users.”

As of publication date, the work needed to support NonStop and NonStop SQL has yet to begin. We recognize we need to open a dialogue with the NonStop community to understand their requirements. We will be engaging with the community to learn about the business needs and whether these can become requirements that bring about future support for NonStop. For now, if this is of interest to you and you would like to know more about this capability then we would really like to hear from you. Should you want to find out even more about Striim then don’t hesitate in calling or emailing us as we are always looking to hear from the NonStop community.

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